Vladimir State Pedagogical Institute - foundation.
VGGU - История ВГГУ

In 1939, the newly converts teacher training institute. Vladimir normal school converted into a Vladimir State Pedagogical Institute. The Institute is a receiver traditions Institute of Education, VPINO and technical schools. Substantial changes were curricula and educational programs. New content has been made in the educational process. was necessary to better meet the needs of schools and pre-schools for qualified teachers. And This gave rise to the right conditions. Institute absorbed and pedagogical function as a center of teaching work of Vladimir region.

At the initial stage in the structure of the institute has been allocated two branches. First Department of Physics and Mathematics , the second - the historical and philological. On formation of the department chairs. appeared first chair of history, pedagogy, physics, mathematics, Russian language and literature. skill level of teaching staff was high. Staffing completed with professionals educated in the major universities and training institutes of the country.
However, significant adjustments to VGUI made World War II. This will be discussed in a subsequent publication.

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