Shakhtinsky Teachers College.
Southern Federal District - Rostov region

The full name of the educational institution
, a state educational institution of secondary vocational education Rostov region - Shakhtinsky Teachers College
The abbreviated name of educational institution
Legal address of vocational education
346500, Rostov Region, Mines, st. Shevchenko, 151.

Contacts Susan
Address for correspondence with the institution
346500, Rostov Region, Mines, st. Shevchenko, 151
(8636) 22-26-50, 22-26-51, 22-26-52
(8636) 22-26 - 50, 22-26-51, 22-26-52
Rank and name of the head of the educational institution
Director Sevostyanova Nelly P.
Branches zaveeniya training in other cities:


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