Vladimir State Pedagogical Institute during World War II.
VGGU - История ВГГУ

Great Patriotic War has made adjustments to the brutal life of the country, organizations and people. Did not pass it and Pedagogical Institute. First institute was evacuated to the city of Suzdal. On October 1, 1941 decision of the RSFSR Narkoprosa Institute was closed. In the premises of the Institute about the golden gates were placed military hospital № 1887 and № 5799. evacuation caused serious material losses. Lost or corrupted training equipment. The library fund sold the stacks of other libraries. Part of valuable scientific and literary publications was lost.
December 1, 1944 by order of the Council of People's Commissars of the RSFSR activities of the institute has been restored. Admission to the first year was 120. The work of the Institute was held in an old building near the Golden Gate. When resuming the institute was opened two branches: the historical-philological and physical-mathematical. In 1945, the structure of the institute has become complicated. It has become a part of four main sections, as well as preliminary and the Correspondence section. Teacher Training Institute conducted training for teachers to work in schools in seven years.

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