Vladimir State Pedagogical Institute.
VGGU - История ВГГУ

During his more than 80-year history of the institution changed names many times. Once again, it happened in 1949. That was the year Teachers' Institute was transformed into the Vladimir State Pedagogical Institute. Country quickly recovered after the war. In rural areas of the Vladimir region in 1949 introduced universal seven-year education. In the cities of the region embarked on a transition to a 10-year-old general education. This policy led to an increase in demand for qualified teachers. Growing demand for high school teachers.
September 28, 1949 Vladimir Pedagogical Institute was named PI Lebedev-Polyansky. Annual enrollment for the first year was 150. The Institute has been allocated two departments: Physics and Mathematics Department of the Russian language, literature and foreign language.
In 1953, the government RSFRS decided to allocate more than 1.2 million rubles for the construction of a new academic building for VSPI. Case settled on Gorky Street 79. At present, the building is located Feasibility faculty.
This transformation of the Institute did not stop. In the next paper will describe the creation of Vladimir State University for the Humanities.

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