Vladimir Institute of Education replaced the seminary.
VGGU - История ВГГУ

In post-revolutionary Russia, the question of training was very serious. It was necessary to raise the country. Qualified specialists are at a premium. For this reason, the state had the task to train qualified professionals in all areas of the economy. For education the question was no less acute. In 1919, Vladimir female seminary teacher was transformed into the Institute of Education Vladimir. The Institute was established by the Russian government in the face of People's Commissariat of Education of the RSFSR. The institute became a legal successor Seminary, having inherited all the property and land seminary. September 1, 1919 began teaching classes in the newly created institute. At the initial stage of the Institute comprises only one school department. In 1920, to provide training for pre-school in the Institute was opened Preschool. 1921 marked the opening of the political-educational department Vladimir Institute of Education.
Under the Institute has been allocated a separate building, which still exists today. It is located in the historical center of Vladimir directly at the Golden Gate (St. Nikita, House 1). Earlier this place was a large wooden house, which housed Theater. This building was built from 1907 to 1908. Originally it housed a real school. After the revolution, the school has ceased to exist.


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