Belarusian-Russian University .
The Central Federal District - Moscow

The full name of educational institution:
The State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education Belarusian-Russian University
is still full name of the university
to 27.03.2009 - The state institution of higher education, the Belarusian-Russian University (Belarusian-Russian University)
Short name of educational institution:
Legal address of vocational education:
212005, Republic of Belarus, Mogilev, pr. Mira, 43


Contacts Susan
Address for correspondence with the institution
212000, Republic of Belarus, Mogilev, Ave. Mira, 43
(375 222) 26-61-00
(375 222) 22-58-21, 25/10/91
Rank and Name of the head of the educational institution
Rector Igor Sazonov
Branches zaveeniya training in other cities:


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