Vladimir Practical Institute of Education.
VGGU - История ВГГУ

in 1921 in the history of teacher education Vladimir region marked by the transformation of the Vladimir Institute of Education the Vladimir Practical Institute of Education (VPINO). In VPINO enrolled 360 people. Rector of the Institute of Education practice became Bogomolov Albitsky. Thanks to his efforts during the outbreak in 1921, the reorganization of institutions of education or technical or practical institutions for the Vladimir institution to maintain the status of the university. VPINO included three departments: the political and educational, school and pre-school. Here's what the newspaper Appeal of 13 October 1921, Vladimir Practical Institute of Education: The course of a 3-year institution. School Department prepares school personnel for school stage II, Preschool - preschool instructors affairs, heads of kindergartens, playgrounds, nurseries and etc. of the political-educational issues of highly skilled workers libraries, museums, advocacy and other forms of non-formal education. Besides the special courses are preparatory group for people aged 16 years, a one-year technical school and general education course gives knowledge based on Level II Unified School .
But the History teacher student Vladimir region does not end. In the next article we will look at the receiver VPINO - Vladimir Pedagogical College.


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