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Friday, 11 July 2014 09:27

There was a hot time in the opening campaign universities. The third week in foster Commission received statements of applicants. What's interesting this year is expected to contest the lowest common in recent years.

CSE in 2014 were slightly more than 700,000 boys and girls. Cost locations, which will be set to higher education institutions, 502 799. Excluding postgraduate and master's degrees, the locations will remain the same 56 to 100 graduates.

But universities can enroll in only those who scored at least a minimum score in the core subjects. Russian language - 24 points. And 36 points in mathematics. According to experts, failed to reach the minimum threshold of 20% of the students score. They are eliminated from the competition, as well as those who did not receive a certificate at all. They are much easier to enroll in college to their more successful and fortunate peers. But they have a chance to go to colleges and technical schools. There will be happy to 92,766 freshmen.

It turns out that the entrant with the lowest score on the exam can apply for admission to the most prestigious university. On which he had never dreamed. But this year, the opening campaign differs from the campaigns of recent years uncertainty. And to go to the selected institution will have to try.

Rosobrnadzora officials expressed the view that the exam this year was different objectivity and honesty. Therefore, the results of school-leavers were much worse. In the intervening years, to calculate the odds on his arrival, was enough to know the results of enrollment for the previous year and to add two points to the number of points to ensure enrollment. This year is not clear, it may be, you will need to subtract. Only unclear to what correction factor.

This year, the higher education institutions easiest reduce the required minimum score required for admission. Or even to enroll all applicants. Only then will be able to fill all of the space for freshmen. But such a step can only presidents who are not afraid to take risks. Because this fall at universities held periodic monitoring of the Ministry of Education. A school in one of the most important performance indicators are the results of the exam students enrolled.

Technical colleges have their own problems. To enter the engineering profession must take physics. And it passed less than 200,000 graduates. Of these, 15% were not able to pass the exam. It turns out that everyone will have to enroll.


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