Hostel fee will not grow
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Friday, 11 July 2014 09:30

Today the President of the Russian Federation approved a law that prohibits raise pay for dorm designed for student accommodation. Putin signed a law put on the official website. This portal gives information about the new laws.

The bill was proposed by Viktor Kress - deputy chairman of the Federation Council on Science, Education and Culture. Deputy chairman among other things said that if there are students whose need housing, the hostel can not be used for other purposes, such as a hotel. In addition, he said that the payment for accommodation in hostels should directly depend on the layout of the premises, the quality of housing, the availability of repair and other activities to improve housing. In an educational institution shall be provided regulations that specify the maximum amount which is more than can be no payment.

In addition to the approval of the law states that the value in the dorms for the services utility is not established educational organization and government. The new order will be finalized on August 1, as recommended by Victor Kress. The same goes for not only dormitories, but any property, which consists of the housing stock of the educational organization.

Additionally, the law states that for certain groups of students provides benefits - reduced payment for utility services and housing or even cancel payments for certain categories of people.

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