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Friday, 11 July 2014 09:36

What to do if you want to learn a particular direction or specialty training, but the results are not up to the exam passing score? For motivated students who know exactly what they want to be, there are three possibilities:

Option One - paid training in this area of training.

Option Two - enroll in another direction with a lower passing score, and then transfer to the desired direction.

Option Three - estimate passing scores on the desired direction in different universities and choose the most suitable institution.

The possibility of tuition
If you want to get a higher education, but education budget coveted profession lacks passing scores, you can begin to learn to charge. In this case it is not necessary that you have to pay for their education all the time. In most universities the system works, on which can be translated with the contract form of training on the budget. However, transfer is possible, subject to availability of budget places. Another condition for the transfer contract on the budget is the high level assessments of learning outcomes on a paid department.

As practice shows, after the first and second semester inevitably produces free space on a budget. This happens for various reasons. Incoming students simply can not cope with their studies, for which they deduct. The variant in which the student changes the place of residence and place of study. It happens that people, after studying one or two semesters, decide to change the direction of training.

How to deal with low passing score and learn where you want it?
For those who are willing to put in to get the coveted profession, have a viable option of entering the university with low USE results. Now an applicant has the opportunity to apply for admission to the three areas of training. This opportunity should be used with advantage. Need to apply for a direction in which there is a desire to learn and apply for 2 more destinations with guaranteed lowest passing grade. The main task at the moment when - to be enrolled in a university.

After the first or second semester will be organized with the direction of translation, which was able to go on, the direction in which I want to learn. Of course, such a transfer is necessary for availability of budget places. Still have to make efforts to ensure that would dosdat tests and exams in all subjects on which different areas of training curricula. True, after the first and second semester in most areas of training were no significant differences in the curriculum.

Choosing a university with a low passing score on the desired direction of training
Actually, in this embodiment decision on admission to a higher education institution with a lack of EGE to the passing score is no big deal. We need to look at what other universities in the neighborhood have a specialty in which I want to learn. And to compare the degree of competition in the profession between different universities. Very much of a chance that in the next city or province university there, where you can enter the desired direction with existing training and exam results.


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