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Friday, 11 July 2014 09:37

"What is the passing score is needed to enroll in the budget?" - Care about this issue now many students. Unambiguous answer to the question is no data. And even a few years old does not help to calculate the exact value of a passing score. And this is due to the following factors:

changing popularity of different areas of training;

a significant change in the results of the exam in 2014 compared with the CSE 2013.

What predictions can be given highest passing scores for admission to the universities?

If you start from the results of the recently dubbed the exam in 2014, we can expect a decrease in the level of passing scores in high school. This is due primarily to the sharp decline in the number of applicants who passed the exam at 100 points. In 2014 stoballnikov turned 3 times less than in 2013. Secondly, you can expect a decrease in competition for budget places due to a general reduction in the number of graduates who passed the exam. If in 2013 passed the exam more than 860,000 people, in 2014 the number dropped to 733 examinees thousand people (about 1.5 percent).

On the other hand, many universities this year raised the bar on the minimum number of points required for enrollment. This is a very important parameter that allows to control the quality of applicants entering the budget form of education. Thus in a number of areas of training, which is usually a shortage, we can expect a surge passing score.

Popular publications passing score:

How much lower will prohonye points to universities in 2014

Recall that the lowest bracket by the number of points set Rosobrnadzor. This year, the minimum scores were set at the following levels:
Russian language - 36 points;
math - 24 points;
in physics - 36 points;
in Chemistry - 36 points;
Informatics and ICT - 40 points;
Biology - 36 points;
on history - 32 points;
geography - 37 points;
on social science - 39 points;
in literature - 32 points;
in foreign languages ??(English, German, French, Spanish) - 20 points.
Under the law, universities are free to set their level of minimum passing scores. The main thing that this value does not fall below the level specified in the Rosobrnadzor.

The third important point to consider is the dynamics of change in the number of budget places. But for this measure is no general trend, and it must be taken into account in the forecast for each direction.

As a result, we can give the following forecast change passing scores for admission to universities:
At the prestigious areas of training with high competition can expect a slight decline in passing scores required to enroll in a budget form of education.
On the areas of training, in which the competition is low, we can expect an increase in passing scores.


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