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Friday, 11 July 2014 09:39

Rosobnadzor informs current and future graduate students about the delay in issuing licenses for higher education institutions.
Federal Service for Control of education, while receiving documents from the end of June, warned the graduates and their parents, about the responsible choice. Encourages scrutinize scripts documentation of higher education and its affiliated branches to enable them to engage in the practice of teaching.

Rosobnadzorom decided to stop at the time of issuance of licenses following educational institutions:
1) Scientific Society of Students, Higher Professional Education "Capital Institute of Foreign Languages??"
2) Buryat branch Scientific Society students, Higher Education Prof. Tsentrosoyuz RF "Siberian University of Consumer Cooperatives"
3) Russian Research Institute of Veterinary Poultry Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences;
4) "Institute of Economics and Management in construction and industry."

It follows that in these educational institutions is not possible to conduct the admission of students and to make their future education they do not unnecessarily eliminated previously found out gaffes. Consider for example the Metropolitan Institute of Foreign Languages ??- specifies one address and actually be on the other.

Ignored rules Student Health
Correctly execute a contract signed with the university teachers.
Does not provide students access to digital information

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