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Friday, 11 July 2014 09:41

Universities have been receiving documents from those who want to do before June 20, and finally stop receiving up to July 25. An exception is made for those who have a basic general education or wish to enroll for distance learning. Reception of documents divided into stages:
July 5 - for those wishing to study for a degree with additional examinations, having a creative and (or) professional direction;
July 15 - for those wishing to enter the profession, suggesting additional competition on the specifics of the profile, or if the university, individually conducted entrance test;
July 25 - for those wishing to enter after passing the exam.

Note: Those who did not participate in the delivery of the exam in May-June, can pass the exam in terms of extended until July 5.

Documents required for filing the college is very important to file within a certain timeline:
1. Declare the specific specialty.
2. Identity documents: a passport or any other.
3. Certificate evidencing a complete secondary education and a certificate stating that you have received secondary vocational education; allowed to apply for initial vocational training, if there is a record of previously acquired full or general secondary education.
4. Documents entitling them to additional privileges, giving an applicant the right to participate in entrance examinations to special conditions or claiming the right to receive benefits while participating in the trial.

Entrant is allowed to submit documents by yourself or send them by mail to the university, but only until July 25. It can send originals or copies of documents.

Applicants are able to apply only five universities and not to exceed the limit for filing three specializations in any of them. Total entrant given the opportunity to participate in entrance examinations for 15 specializations involving different forms of learning.

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