College of the Ministry of Health discussed the issues of improving the accessibility and quality of primary health care
The Siberian Federal District - Krasnoyarsk State Medical University
Saturday, 13 September 2014 15:00


On the basis of the Krasnoyarsk regional hospital emergency them. N.S.Karpovicha held a board meeting of the Ministry of Health Region. Discussed the implementation of the order, signed by the Acting Governor of the Krasnoyarsk Territory Viktor Tolokonsky "On urgent measures aimed at improving the availability and quality of primary health care in the regional state outpatient clinics."

The meeting was attended by chief physicians outpatient clinics of Krasnoyarsk and the Krasnoyarsk Territory, and, in a conference call to the college attended by all district hospitals, representatives of the Ministry of Health Region, leaders territorial funds and insurance companies, heads of specialized educational institutions of Krasnoyarsk , the Public Council.

Chairman of the Board - Acting Minister of Health of the Krasnoyarsk Territory Vadim Yanin outlined in his speech, the basic outline of the discussion: "Despite ongoing efforts to improve the accessibility and quality of primary health care, there are problems that require additional management, personnel and financial decisions." Vadim Yanin urged the leaders of hospitals as much as possible to take responsibility for implementing the plan, emphasizing that it is necessary to move away from the old standards and stereotypes in the work, and to think is really modern and effective methods and approaches. That is why the greatest interest was aroused by the board members from the representatives of practical health care, which presented their pilot projects. Report, "New approaches to the organization of the local service, including the formation of the integrated therapeutic areas and performance criteria under the new conditions" presented Tatiana Black, chief physician of the hospital Krasnoyarsk interdistrict №2, and experience in the organization of medical care for children in Krasnoyarsk city children's hospital number 8 has shared her head Margarita Maslova.

Also during the meeting with a report "On training for health care in the Region" was made Rector KrasGMU Ivan Artukhov. Participants discussed the need to integrate practical medicine in the educational process, improve the system of remuneration and incentives for medical staff.

Igor Zaliznyak, chairman of the Public Council under the Ministry of Health of the Krasnoyarsk Territory told the formation of an independent evaluation of the quality of social services in health care. Invited guest college, Professor Natalia Tolokonskaya talked about the need to build a new level of relationship "doctor - patient".

Following the meeting, it was decided to continue to work on improving the quality of primary care population of the region, the creation of incentives for healthy lifestyles through preventive work with the public health leaders of educational institutions recommended to provide targeted training in a clinical internship with the priority staffing of primary health care , to provide practical training of students with volume expansion in outpatient clinics (offices), as well as ensure the development of internal quality control system of medical assistance for the implementation of standards and practices of care and optimal use of health care resources.



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