Opening Games freshmen KrasGMU - 2014!
The Siberian Federal District - Krasnoyarsk State Medical University
Saturday, 13 September 2014 15:03


Every year, from September to October runs "Games of freshmen." Teams freshmen KrasGMU compete in 6 sports: relay race, football, table tennis, basketball (her husband.), Volleyball (men.), Volleyball (women.).

Awarding of the winners of the Games freshmen and identify the most "athletic" disciplines will be held in late October at the "Freshman Day" in a solemn ceremony. Students who have performed well at the Games, may be invited to sports teams of the Medical University and advocate for the university on the Krasnoyarsk Universiade Sports Festival medical and pharmaceutical universities in Russia and other important sporting events.

Teachers are responsible for sports activities in the field of:
Medicine (1 stream) - Larisa V. Kharlamov.
Medicine (2 stream) - Denis V. Loginov.
Pediatrics - Parish Dmitry.
Dentistry - Vladimir Grigoriev.
Medical cybernetics, social work, clinical psychology, pharmacy - Khristolyubova Anastasia.
College of Pharmacy - Haryushina Valentina.
On participation in the Games of the freshmen students may apply to the responsible teachers in their specialty.

Grand opening of the Games will be held freshmen KrasGMU 09/09/2014 at 17:00 at the stadium "University."

Calendar Olympics freshmen:
Athletics 9 September (Judge A.V.Timofeev)
Table tennis16 September (Judge N.V.Starodubtseva)
Mini-football September 10-11 (Judge AA Shteynebreys)
Volleyball (men.) 16 October (the judge M.V.Tsygankov)
Volleyball (women.) October 21 (Judge AV Yaris)
Basketball (men.) October 7 (Judge E.V.Portnyagin)



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