Touch the sky, dive deep into the centuries
North-Caucasian Federal District - Volgograd State Medical University
Wednesday, 17 September 2014 13:52

September 14 student club GOLD under the guidance of teachers Mikhailova NA (department of physical education and health) and Glushko AA (Department of Physical and Colloid Chemistry) organized a trip to one of the great places of the North Caucasus - Chegem gorge. The main purpose was Chegemsky paradrom. Inexpressible words landscapes, intoxicating air, the bright colors of autumn comes received in his address enthusiasm from the participants of the trip. And paragliders ... - huge wings, contending with the nature of their coloring and soaring in the sky. Participants of the trip saw them close, could feel, admire and enjoy your flight lucky. Bird's-eye view was breathtaking. And then there was an excursion to the mysterious ancient Balkar village of El Tyubyu. Here, time stands still. Silent keepers of the Order of death calmly looked at his students only windows. On the way back to the students together with teachers walked around Chegemskaya gorge, admiring the famous waterfalls.


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