September 29, 2014 held a scientific-practical conference "Laboratory diagnostics in the treatment site"
North-Western Federal District - St. Petersburg State Medical University
Monday, 27 October 2014 07:12


The rapid development of laboratory technologies, the creation of miniaturized analytical systems significantly closer laboratory diagnosis directly to the patient in need of it. Moreover, it became possible to perform complex studies by clinical staff directly "at the bedside." This is the direction of development of laboratory medicine, referred to as the "diagnosis at the treatment site» (pointofcaretesting »- ROST) now takes about 30% of the total volume of laboratory studies conducted in developed countries and continues to grow steadily.

Department of Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics with the course of molecular medicine and scientific center MoH in molecular medicine on the basis of our University September 29, 2014 organized a boardroom in the Scientific Council of the scientific-practical conference "Laboratory diagnostics in the treatment site."

The report "ISO 22870 - responsible for the laboratory diagnosis at the point of care," made ??a guest of the University - the representative of the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine, Herbert Stekel. "The main message of the report was limited to the disclosure of the mechanisms of interaction of the clinician performing such studies and laboratory workers who have professional knowledge and skills in this area.


The report Lina Anatolevny Khorovskaya, professor, National Representative of the All-Russian Scientific Society of Laboratory Medicine at the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine, were presented interesting facts of comparative characteristics of various portable glucose meters, widely used in medical practice. It turned out that the quality of the glucose measurements performed even widely advertised devices may not be adequate. To assess the quality of the measurements was used patent belonging to our university, developed a team of clinical laboratory diagnostics.

In a series of messages from the manufacturers and suppliers of products for "diagnostic treatment site" presented the possibilities of modern analytical systems to significantly speed up the diagnostic information. Of particular interest was the message about new approaches to the assessment of the hemostatic system.



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