MSMSU visited by a delegation of students from France
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The Central Federal District - Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry
Sunday, 18 September 2016 15:25

MSMSU long been considered the best university dentistry in Russia and is known far beyond its borders. But the really active international cooperation realized by Faculty of Dentistry, began after 2004, when the university joined the European Association of Dental Education (ADEE). This partnership involves the implementation of high standards of dental education, the exchange of teaching staff, students, and educational programs with leading dental schools in Europe.

4th of July students from the University of Lyon in honor of Claude Bernard (France) visited MSMSU in the framework of this cooperation. The aluminum hall of the main building of the delegation met the Head of the International Committee, head of the department of anesthesia in dentistry SA Rabinovich. Well owning a French language professor welcomed the guests and called for continued cooperation between universities. The delegation arrived in Moscow for a few days and plan of action was implemented as a series of lectures on the territory MSMSU.

One of these lectures was presented by assistants of the department of anesthesia in dentistry NJ Letunova and NA Ryazantsev. The report "Anesthesia in dentistry today" speakers considered highly relevant and urgent issues. Why is everyone afraid of dentists, how to prevent the development of destructive unwholesome side of stress - distress, how to facilitate a visit to the doctor, how to identify distress using Doppler recorder, tonometer, oximeter, various STRESSOMETER and many other important aspects. The lecture was held in English, so that not only representatives MSMSU had to practice a foreign language, but also French. After a few questions, and the end of the report, all participants were invited to a delicious tea party, where an informal foreign students can share their ideas and thoughts on the report and a trip to Moscow in general. In front of the guests of the capital still waiting for a fascinating tour of the Moscow Kremlin and visit other historical places of the Russian capital. We wish the French guys good impressions!


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