MSMSU specialists took part in the International Medical Congress "Palliative care in the Healthcare of the Russian Federation and CIS countries"
The Central Federal District - Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry
Sunday, 18 September 2016 15:27

Modern medicine continues to increase the range of their capabilities and the rate of increase in life expectancy show a good momentum. However, at the same time a growing number of elderly and terminally ill people who are in need of substantial improvement in the quality of life. It is these issues are dealt with palliative medicine, and today it is the direction of health care than ever in need of development and improvement.

June 16, 2016 opened the work the International Medical Congress on the status and prospects of the development of palliative care in the Russian Federation.

The event was held in strict "5 minutes per participant," format to come from other cities of experts had the opportunity to speak.

Discussed problematic issues such as the discrepancy between PHC structure approval of the procedure, the absence of any form of assistance at home, lack of awareness of patients pain therapy community, lack of knowledge of health workers on pain therapy, a shortage of qualified personnel, and many other sensitive issues.

At the moment, contrary to popular opinion, in palliative care need not only to cancer patients. An interesting report "On the improvement of the quality of life of patients with cardiological" by Professor of the Department of outpatient MSMSU TV Adasheva. An informative report "On the care of patients with HIV infection," prepared by senior researcher of the Central Research Institute of Epidemiology VI Shakhgildyan. On legalization of palliative care for patients with tuberculosis he told a colleague from St. Petersburg, professor and head of the St. Petersburg Institute of the Russian Health Ministry Phthisiopulmonology GS Balasanyants. That, unfortunately, suffer from incurable diseases, not only children but also adults, and therefore also in need of help, reminded the head physician of the Children's Hospice "House with Lighthouse" from Rnrmu them. NI NN Pirogov Sawa.
Head of the Department of Palliative Medicine MSMSU GA Novikov in his speech noted that the acute shortage of fresh personnel and qualified professionals in this growing field of medicine. The professor invited his colleagues to determine the procedure for organizing a specialized center and clarify the staff standards and indications for hospitalization. His speech GA A. Novikov completed Exupery quote: "We can not say" we ", if we remain on the sidelines."

Chief at the Ministry of Health Pain Therapy Specialist Stavropol AV Palekhov raised the issue of poor availability of analgesics, including opoidnogo type, and an assistant professor of family medicine First MGMU them. THEM. Sechenov TV Zaugolnikova told about the problems of aid to the rural population.

General Director of LLC "TeleMedKonsultant" AM Khans spoke about the organization of telemedicine services for monitoring such patients at home, as well as other opportunities for the application of IT-technologies in medicine.

After the discussion and adoption of the Resolution of the Congress, participants decided to send a letter to the State Duma for consideration of the request for the establishment of the Interagency Commission, which will deal with all issues voiced at the congress of palliative medicine.

The draft resolution will be available on the website c on 20 June.


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