OO Yanushevich he chaired a meeting of the Presidium of the "Russian Society of Physicians"
The Central Federal District - Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry
Sunday, 18 September 2016 15:30

September 5 in MSMSU behalf of AI Evdokimov held a meeting of the Presidium of iAd. The agenda included a review of the priorities for the next period of ISI, summarizing the last accreditation dental graduates, as well as consideration of the issues of self-regulating organizations in the national health care.

The President of the OO Yanushevich opened the meeting with a solemn ceremony celebratory bouquets recent birthday men, before presenting a report "On the primary accrediting graduates of dental faculties." The report noted the important role of the ISI in the preparation and participation in the initial accreditation. Over the past few years, representatives of ISI in the public council of the Ministry of Health, the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, as well as directly to ISI leadership itself contributed very actively to create conditions so that the basic material for accreditation developed the Dental Association of Russia and professional university community.


Members of the ISI participated in the development of methodology for the passage of accreditation. Together with representatives of the NWO and employees of the Ministry of Health, through its persistent and uncompromising position OBP failed to ensure the formation of the Accreditation Commission of the oldest, OVR and university community for more than 80%.

Of course, all failed. For example, could not facilitate the passage of the primary accreditation procedures, reduce the time and number of accredited experts. However, at the moment, based on the experience gained and taking into account the identified shortcomings, is preparing specific proposals for the Ministry of Health, which are designed to transform the structure and content of the primary accreditation in a more efficient model. A letter with the recommendations and wishes of the IAD will be sent to the lead agency in the near future.

After discussion of the report, we heard the views of other members of the ISI. A detailed overview of the key stages of the last accreditation was made and StAR President VV Sadowski.

Further, the Secretary-General of the Russian Society of Surgeons, Professor AV Fedorov spoke on "The Role of NGOs in the self-regulation of the medical community." It has been disclosed in detail the problems of creating a self-regulatory organizations in health care on a professional basis, due to the lack of opportunities for doctors like individuals to fund the compensation fund. Key messages that resulted in his report A. Fedorov on this complex issue have been favorably received by members of the Bureau and supported.

In conclusion, it was proposed to hold the next session of the members of the public movement "Doctors of the world against terrorism" at the end of Q1 2017. According to participants of the OVR, the implementation of this important initiative for the Company to be held at a higher level. The proposal was supported unanimously.


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