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Sunday, 18 September 2016 15:31

From 6 to 12 August as part of the All-Russian Youth Educational Forum "Territory of senses" on the Klyazma took first in the history of online change of young scientists and teachers in the field of public health. It was attended by students and MSMSU them. AI Yevdokimov!

The forum program was very intense: lectures, seminars, panel discussions, master classes by leading experts in the field of public health.

Active young doctors from all over Russia were able to ask questions virtually the entire vanguard of professionals who provide healthcare for our country: VI Skvortsova, GG Onishchenko, TV Yakovleva T. Semenova and other specialists of national health care.

The main topic of discussion was the continuing medical education, as well as the problem of staff shortages in the Russian province. Activists from all over Russia took part in the development of a special road map, which in practice will realize that such a perfect doctor and how to become one. The most notable students were awarded by the Ministry of Health and will be training in the best educational and medical institutions of the country.

An important event of the forum was "The conveyor projects," one of the experts who will speak VV Ogarev - Deputy Head of the educational work of the Training Management MSMSU them. AI Yevdokimov. In this competition, our students have shown themselves most clearly! Students 4 and 5 courses of the Faculty of Dentistry Evgeny Lobanov and Tatiana Fedotova (she is a member of the delegation of the Association of Young Dental (AMC)) presented their projects, which have been appreciated and awarded grants 300 000 rubles each!

The reason for the creation of their project "Prototyping in maxillofacial prosthetics" Eugene describes this way: "We all do not like, and that if such otherness deprives a normal life in society? As a person to return to his normal society when he is faced with so many obstacles? In Russia, few people are turning to ekzoprotezirovaniyu after, for example, in oncology operations. In part, this depends on the fact that the patients are not aware of the possibility of replenishment of lost body. But also there is a problem that the prosthetics today are very expensive process and aesthetically imperfect. "

On the basis of scientific circles of our university Eugene gained experience in 3D-modeling and assembled a team and developing an innovative algorithm that created the first prototype of the human body of the 3D-printer. Young scientist notes that this method of prosthesis several times cheaper than a standard and more precise by creating a model with a pitch of 50-100 microns. Also it is non-invasive and painless because of lack of contact with the affected area during the removal of the cast, and it is possible to save 3D-model in an electronic database for re prosthesis.

AMC Project "Russian village Dental Health" was marked, among others as the date and was also awarded a grant of 300 000 rubles. The idea of ​​their project creators describe as "volunteer group of students, residents and young physicians go to the village for a few days, providing medical advice to the population, as well as engaged in preventive activities." Association of Young Dental has experience in volunteer projects such as preventive. If you are young, active, full of strength and energy, you can join as a volunteer!

According to the participants' senses territory "gives a very strong motivation to serious immersion in the profession, the search for new ideas and technologies. Congratulations to Eugene and Tatiana Fedotova Lobanov high assessment of their work and wish them new victories!


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