Filing at the IX All-Russian Education Congress "Anesthesia and resuscitation in obstetrics and neonatology"
The Central Federal District - Pirogov Russian National Research Medical Universi
Tuesday, 20 September 2016 09:13

The Congress will be held 23-25 ​​November 2016
Such information and registration online

At the Congress are invited to:

doctors Anaesthetist
heads of departments heads maternity hospitals
heads of departments heads perinatal centers
policy makers and others.

The Congress will discuss clinical recommendations on key issues of anesthesiology and critical care medicine in obstetrics and neonatology; They will be held lectures, round tables, workshops, clinical reviews, training seminars and workshops in the following areas:

Anaesthetist in obstetrics

Organizational-methodical questions of anesthesiology and intensive care services in obstetrics
Clinical guidelines, protocols for anesthetic and resuscitative care in obstetrics
Deontological problems of mutual relations in the obstetric hospital
Innovative learning technologies obstetric anesthesiology and intensive care
New technologies in anesthesiology and intensive care in obstetrics
Effect of anesthesia and intensive care at the mother, fetus, newborn
Patient safety during anesthesia and intensive care in obstetrics
Complications of anesthesia and intensive care in obstetrics and principles of their treatment
Anesthesia for cesarean section
Regional anesthesia / analgesia in obstetrics and gynecology. imaging
Modern methods of postoperative analgesia in obstetrics and gynecology
Anesthesia and perioperative management of pregnant women with neurodegenerative diseases
Monitoring of obstetric patients during labor
Intensive therapy of critical states in obstetrics
Emergency cardiology obstetrics
Respiratory support in case of emergency obstetric
Infusion-transfusion therapy and nutritional support in obstetrics
The role and place of extracorporeal methods in complex intensive therapy in obstetrics
Ozone therapy and quantum hemotherapy in obstetric practice
Modern technology in obstetrics krovesberegayuschie
Molecular genetic mechanisms of anesthesia and intensive care in obstetrics
Pre-eclampsia, eclampsia, HELLP-syndrome
CPAP therapy in the treatment of pre-eclampsia
Perioperative anemia: diagnosis, treatment, prevention. Clinical protocols
Unsolved problems of neurological complications of regional anesthesia
Location ultrasound of the stomach in the choice of anesthetic tactics
Transfusion providing obstetrical and gynecological patients with blood diseases
The use of adjuvants in the methods of regional anesthesia / analgesia
In vitro fertilization and other assisted reproductive technologies. Features of anesthesia and its effect on reproduction
Features of patients with diseases of the cardiovascular system


Neonatologists role in improving the efficiency of 3-tiered system of perinatal care in the Russian Federation
The updated protocol resuscitation and respiratory therapy of newborns in the delivery room
Intensive therapy distresc respiratory syndrome in preterm infants: new approaches to old problems
Improving nursing practices of children born with very low and extremely low birth weight
Personalized approach to nutritional support of critically ill newborns and extremely premature infants
Developmental care and early rehabilitation of children with concomitant preterm perinatal pathology
Modern possibilities of surgical correction of congenital malformations
Anesthetic management of surgical procedures in infants: the safety and efficacy ratio
Neonatal cardiology: an interdisciplinary approach to the early diagnosis, stabilization and treatment of children with congenital heart disease
Hemorrhagic complications and thrombosis in practice neonatologists: Is possible to prevent the inevitable?
Infection control and policy restrictions on the use of antibiotics in the neonatal profile: combination of theory and practice
Achievements and remaining challenges in the area of ​​prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cerebral ischemia in newborns
How to help the family of the child who is in intensive care unit: a policy of "open doors"
The introduction of new medical technologies in neonatal practice: the need to change approaches to health management
Ethical and legal aspects of neonatologists: who is to blame and what to do?

An interdisciplinary approach to the training of medical staff to work in perinatal centers

Improving training Anaesthetist, neonatologists and transfusion
The organization of medical training in intensive care of pregnant women, pregnant women, newborn babies, including born with VLBW and ELBW
Remote technology to improve the quality of perinatal care
New forms of continuous medical education and training Anaesthetist, neonatologists and medical transfusion

School for nurses, anesthetists

Modern methods of intensive care in obstetrics and gynecology
Peculiarities of nursing care for the patient with respiratory support
The modern system of infection control and prevention of nosocomial infections in the United Arab Republic
Topical issues of post-operative pain relief in obstetrics and gynecology
Features transporting heavy patients obstetric Profile
Peculiarities of nursing care of the patients in the postoperative period
Regional anesthesia in obstetrics and gynecology. Topical issues of postoperative activation

School neonatal nurses

Modern approaches to the formation of the team of nurses, neonatologists
Peculiarities of nursing care in the neonatal intensive care unit
Training in developing the care of premature babies
Infection Control in the nurse:
The role of the nurse in supporting families of young patients
Ways to improve the preparation of neonatal nurses: Regional Experience
New technologies anesthesiology and intensive care in obstetrics and gynecology

During the congress it is planned:

Annual Conference delegates All-Russian public organization to promote the development of neonatology "Russian Society of neonatology"
Workshop Committee of the Federation of Anesthesiologists and Resuscitation Russia in anesthesiology and intensive care in obstetrics
Contest for young scientists and medical researchers in the field of neonatology, anesthesiology and resuscitation.

In the days of the Congress will be organized exposition of leading domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies. There will also be new developments in the field of medicines and medical equipment.
The Congress

School nursing - obstetric anesthetists
"Teach the teachers' course


Company "MEDI Event" organizes accommodation Forum participants at special rates.

Company "MEDI Expo" organizes a lunch for the participants of the forum on preliminary applications

The cost of lunch is:
. - 1600 rub, dinner at the venue;
- 500 rubles, lunch, a 3-minute walk from the venue.

Lunch can be enjoyed in a private office or at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , no later than 7 calendar days before the event

ATTENTION! Lunch is not included in the registration fee


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