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Tuesday, 20 September 2016 09:56

This summer, as part of the programs of international student exchange programs, our students visited the University of Tsukuba Japanese University and the University of Maribor (Slovenia). In turn, our students have gone for practical training in the University of Tsukuba (Japan), University of Maribor (Slovenia) and Humanitas University (Italy).

Foreign students met with the Russian medicine

Guests from Tsukuba University attended lectures and conferences in Pediatrics IECI them. YE Veltischeva and student Takaku Rurik even visited the conference "Medical radiological consequences of Chernobyl: the forecast and the actual data after 30 years" in Obninsk, Kaluga region. Among the participants was also Honorary Doctor of Russia, professor, head of the international practice of Japanese students LS Balewa, as well as invited experts from Japan.

International students undergo practical training at the department of hospital pediatrics them. ak. VA Tabolina, Department of General Surgery and radiation diagnosis, department of infectious diseases in children (pediatric faculty), the department of skin diseases and cosmetology FDPO, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Medical Faculty.

During the passage of the students practice were able to compare the health system as a whole and through the provision of medical care in clinics in other countries, learn about the latest treatment methods, to participate in the monitoring, inspection and management of patients, to acquire the skills interpretation of research results, to attend the operations and during various manipulations. Students are supervised by experienced staff will host the department of English language proficiency. As a result of the practice of all foreign students awarded certificates. Future physicians have received the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge gained invaluable scientific and professional experience.

In his spare time, guests were interesting cultural program organized by the capital's attractions. Our students are introduced to their foreign counterparts with the Russian national culture, traditions and very helpful to them in the practice of the Russian language.

Our students - the practice in Europe and Japan

Students from Rnrmu them. NI Pirogov this year went to practice in Japan, Slovenia, Italy. In their reports, the future doctor told about invaluable practical experience that they were able to get.

Zaynetdinova Jamila, a student of 02/04/07 (4th year, Department of Pediatrics) held summer internships in Tsukuba Hospital from 27 June to 22 July.

"I trained in surgical gastroenterology ward. Each day began with morning rounds, followed by instruction in the routine of the day. Most of the time I spent in the operating theater, watching the progress of operations. In addition, I had access to the simulation class, housed simulators for training of practical skills. Thus, I was able to get acquainted with the methodology of using laparoscopy. assist. Working in this department left a very positive impression on operations with public access I had the opportunity.

The next two weeks I spent in the practice of neurology department (therapy). I have entrusted to lead the patient: I spent a full neurological examination, collected medical history, which was difficult because of the language barrier. This department is focused many rare and complex clinical cases, so the work here was particularly interesting. Curiously, the Japanese doctors therapeutic profile in addition to the designation and monitoring of conservative treatment, also carry a variety of instrumental methods of study: self-made muscle biopsy myography, lumbar puncture, ultrasound, CT, MRI, radiological diagnostic exercise. All doctors offices have been set up friendly and tried to answer questions, tell me as much detail on the interest of each patient, the course of treatment and use research.

I was very glad to get an opportunity to train abroad. The host country has provided the most comfortable stay. I am pleased to take part in another similar exchange program. "


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