Innovative genetic technologies to physicians: application in clinical practice. Annual Practical School
The Central Federal District - Pirogov Russian National Research Medical Universi
Tuesday, 20 September 2016 09:57

We invite medical geneticists, physicians, clinical laboratory diagnostics, medical genetics laboratory, medical specialties and clinical genetic laboratories staff! Teachers - employees Rnrmu them. Pirogov, IECI Pediatrics, MGNTS, NTsAGiP them. Kulakov, RMAPO and other leading medical organizations. Certificates of the state sample and CME. Read more »

Annual Practical School
"The innovative genetic technologies to physicians:
application in clinical practice "

Dear colleagues!

Important for you to maintain the highest professional level, but you can not keep a track of modern genetic methods of diagnosis or go abroad for further training? You would like to better understand the meaning of a statement to the genetic laboratory, and how to avoid pitfalls in the process of interpretation?

Our team invites geneticists physicians, pediatricians, neonatologists working with genetic diseases, as well as employees of genetic laboratories to go first in our country and one of the world's first training course in the field of modern genetic diagnosis, developed in conjunction with specialists from Israel.

Accredits schools in CME system, planned issuance of certificates to all participants who successfully mastered the course. We issue state certificates of advanced training in the specialty "Genetics".


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