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Wednesday, 21 September 2016 07:34

September 12, 2016 held an extended meeting of the International Expert Council (IEC) Sechenovskiy University. The meeting was attended by members of the Presidium of the Academic Council of the University and members of the Supervisory Board.

At the beginning of the meeting the rector of the University Sechenovskiy Peter Glybochko greeted the participants and spoke about the development plans of the University in the coming years, noting that the task ambitious, but it is achievable. To realize these goals need to cooperate actively with leading international scientific and educational centers and learn from foreign counterparts the best practices and lessons learned.

Then there was the presentation of the members of the Expert Council of the First International MGMU them. THEM. Sechenov, which consisted of well-known and respected scientists and managers with international experience: President of Elsevier (Netherlands) Yongsuk Chi, former vice president of development at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA), Jeffrey Newton, director of the pathophysiology of the institute and Allergology Medical University of Vienna (Austria ) Rudolf Valenta, director of the Center for experimental and clinical research Charité University (Germany) Friedrich Luft, Director of the radiotherapy Institute Faculty of Medicine, Ehime University (Japan) Teruhito Mochizuki, head of the Department of medical Biochemistry and Biophysics, professor of medical proteomics at the Karolinska Institute (Sweden) Roman Zubarev. Chairman of the first meeting of the MEA was elected Mr. Yongsuk Chi.

Further, the MEA members Sechenovskiy film about the university was shown, from which they learned about the glorious history of the oldest Russian medical school, its contribution to national and world medical science and ambitious plans until 2020.

Following the agenda, the participants considered the three MES project of the applicant grant for the creation of an international scientific and educational laboratories on the basis of the First MGMU them. THEM. Sechenov. The purpose of the grant is to support new research teams involving their team of leading foreign specialists able to receive world-class scientific results. A prerequisite is the inclusion in the scientific work of young scientists and students of the First MGMU them. THEM. Sechenov, who will be able to get the experience of participation in international research projects and then be able to start an independent research career.

Projects presented Professor Department of Surgery and Bioengineering, deputy director of the McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine (USA), Stephen F. Badilak "regenerative medicine, tissue engineering, biological matrices"; Professor of Chemistry, Pharmacology and Chemical Biology, Radiation Oncology, Director of the Center on free radical and antioxidant health basics the Pittsburgh University (USA) Valerian Kagan "Biology and Medicine"; Professor, Head of the Molecular Psychiatry Mental Health Center at the University of Würzburg (Germany), Klaus-Peter Lesch "Neurobiology".

Following the submission of projects and a closed discussion, members of the First International Expert Council MGMU them. THEM. Sechenov determined the winning design, which will receive a grant from the university in the amount of 90 mln. Rub. the next three years. He was the project "Neurobiology", which presented Professor Klaus-Peter Lesch.

"I express my sincere gratitude to the leadership of the University and members of the International Expert Council for choosing my project. I am confident that the cooperation will bring mutual benefit, allowing graduate students and young scientists of the University Sechenovskiy receive invaluable research experience. Undoubtedly this will facilitate an exchange program between the first and internships MGMU them. THEM. Sechenov and universities in Germany and the Netherlands ", - commented on the victory of his project, Klaus-Peter Lesch.

Two other projects received personal grants of the rector of the University Sechenovskiy Glybochko Peter, who stressed their importance and scientific relevance.

"Projects that do not become winners, too interesting. They contain serious scientific potential and opportunities for practical application in medicine. So me as rector of the University, decided to encourage these projects personal grants of $ 10 million. Rubles. We will carefully monitor the progress of scientific research of these two research laboratories and possibly in 2017, they will be able to receive a grant under the "road map" in the Draft First MGMU 5-100 ", - he said at the end of the meeting, Peter Glybochko.


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