Summit Medical Students in Malaysia
The Central Federal District - First Moscow State Medical University named after
Wednesday, 21 September 2016 07:36

In Malaysia, the University of shogi, which is one of the leading private universities in the country, held a summit medical students (MSSM). 23 and July 24, 2016 more than 400 medical students from 42 different universities, including Malaysia, Russia, England, India, Taiwan, Egypt and Poland took part in the conference organized by the International Community of Malaysian doctors (MMI). Students Sechenovskiy University, who attended the conference, said that the summit was very informative and helpful to them as medical students and future physicians.

Senior students specialty "General Medicine": Brjan E Tan Xin (Bryan Tan E Xin) and Prrinisha Kanabaty (Prrinisha Kanabathy) represented the First Moscow State Medical University named after Sechenov and presented their research at the conference. They were among the 15 best students selected MSSM Commission - 2016 to participate in the conference as speakers. Brjan E Tan Xin (Bryan Tan E Xin) and Prrinisha Kanabaty (Prrinisha Kanabathy) were facing Sechenovskiy University, who helped promote this event.

Brjan made an oral report on a new type of drug-eluting stents to treat coronary artery disease. Prrinisha presented a poster on the post-mortem diagnosis of cardiomegaly.

During the conference Sechenovskiy University students also participated in the contest "The genius of medicine." It was a multi-round competition in the fundamentals of medicine, where teams competed with each other. Four students of our university: Lo Kuan Vij (Low Wei Quan), Goh Neng Ziang (Goh Neng Xiang), E Brjan Tang Xin (Bryan Tan E Xin) and Wong Pui Yen (Wong Pui Yen) reached the semi-finals. Despite the fact that they ultimately did not win the contest, Brjan E Tan Xin (Bryan Tan E Xin) was named the best player of this exciting event.

Taking part in the research presentations and competitions, medical students, who were present at the conference had the opportunity to participate in seminars on ultrasound, laparoscopy, electrocardiography, healthcare management, overlaying plaster, communication skills, and many others. In addition, there was an exhibition of vacancies in which the students had the opportunity to meet and consult on the future career of many experts from different countries, including Singapore, Australia and Malaysia. Overall, the conference was an excellent platform for medical students to learn more about medicine, research, as well as their future career opportunities.

"If the other students of the University will participate in the Summit of the Malaysian medical students (MSSM) in the next year, they will benefit from this exciting event!" - Said Brjan E Tan Xin (Bryan Tan E Xin).


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