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Wednesday, 21 September 2016 07:38

September 13, 2016 staff, undergraduate and graduate students were invited to the Research Center (SRC) Sechenovskiy University Clinic of Urology and foreign scholars lecture.

The first lecture - in the conference room of urology clinic. Member of International Expert Council (IEC) First MGMU name IM Sechenov, Head of the Department of Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics, Professor of Medical Proteomics Karolinska Institute Roman Zubarev gave a lecture "proteomic mass spectrometry in chemical biology and medicine - examples of the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm." The lecture was held in an unusual format: selected information was entertaining, not only for students, but also the residents, doctors, managers.
In a short time, students were introduced to concepts such as "proteomics", "Metaboliki" tips on creating your own research group learned how valued these days scientist's contribution to science. All the definitions of complex systems Roman Zubarev was able to decompose into small, easily understood pieces of the audience, to please listeners with new knowledge. Concluding the lecture, Roman shared the secret of his luck and gave a farewell speech, how to deal with a bad mood: "Always remember that life is beautiful!"

The second lecture - in the red hall of the SIC. With the lecture "Business environment at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Boston regional examples of best practices" acted Jeffrey Newton, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA (served as Vice President for Development Institute).
He said, in particular, that the need for a successful scientific work:
- The problem to be solved;
- The idea of ​​how to do it;
- The protection of ideas - the intellectual property registration - the patent;
- Work plan - a business plan, the commercialization of ideas;
- Money;
- competitive environment.
"The higher the competition - the higher the chance to become a better, more successful. The idea - a product patent - protection, business plan - it is the road to realization, the ability to "sell" the idea of ​​an elevator that raises investors willing to invest, "- said Newton. And he told about the current in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology project, MIT Venture Mentoring Service - aid program to commercialize the ideas of students and young scientists. Responding to a question whether it is possible to transfer this project in the Russian environment, Jeffrey Newton said he was not familiar with the Russian legislative base, but expressed hope that the future in the hands of students and everyone can change for the better.

The third lecture was held in the congress hall of the SIC. The theme - "Visualization of the heart when coronary insufficiency: CT, MRI, nuclear medicine." With the director of the Institute of Radiotherapy of the Medical Faculty of Ehime University (Japan) Teruhito Mochizuki.
All lectures were successful. Meeting participants MES has become one of the most significant moments of the way Sechenovskiy University to join one of the best universities in the world, global international cooperation.


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