23th ISCOMS: «The experience changed the life"
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Wednesday, 21 September 2016 07:39

23rd International Student Congress of Biomedical Sciences (ISCOMS) - is an annual meeting of young scientists from around the world, which takes place in the largest center for Transplant Surgery - University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG), The Netherlands.

ISCOMS is one of the leading student congresses biomedical sciences. ISCOMS - is not just another convention, a non-profit organization consisting of students, which aims to promote the international exchange of students and scientific research.

Throughout the three-day congress, which was held from 7 June to 10 June 2016, it was provided by the exchange student research thought and given the opportunity to expand their social and scientific relations. The scientific program includes a variety of students from around the world study, which were presented at the stand, either orally or in the form of plenary for the professional international audience. Together with student performance was fascinating lectures, keynote speeches and workshops. Along with a rich scientific program has a rich cultural program, full dinners and parties, which gave an opportunity for all participants to meet and have fun with each other and of the organization of the event.

Prrinisha Kanabaty (Prrinisha Kanabathy), foreign student Sechenovskiy University, participated in the seminar on the development of medical technology, she was given a lot of knowledge, then to use these features: "My three-day learning experience was beyond my expectations! I participated in the Masterclass, where we were taught how to write a significant report. Masterclass was divided into 6 different classes, telling all about planning, research, how to conduct qualitative research, the importance of each study, which may have an impact on the world in one day. It was really interesting interactive learning. On the 2nd day I was lucky enough to participate in a clinical seminar on the implementation of an intravenous injection. There we studied injection types, different needle sizes, when they are used. Together with the instructor performed intravenous injection on a mannequin. Surgeon taught us the correct posture when performing the puncture. I had the opportunity to learn techniques of performing tracheal intubation, which is often found in the emergency department. "

On the third day there was a workshop on the heart anatomy. Here, each participant received a pig's heart, and was given the task to perform an autopsy in the study of complex structures surrounding the heart: "It was my favorite subject in comparison with the others, probably because of my desire to become a cardiologist in the future", says Prrinisha. This Masterclass was held the head of the department of cardiology and cardiology surgeon. Students learned about the pathological heart and its function compared with healthy hearts.

After all workshops Prrinisha Kanabaty (Prrinisha Kanabathy) introduced the topic, which she defended - "Diagnosis of cardiomegaly with CT after the death of the patient. Sensitivity and specificity of the three methods on the basis of X-ray diagnostics in the event of sudden death. " The study of the subject P. Kanabaty conducted during the winter holidays 2015-2016 of the National Institute of Forensic Medicine Hospital Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. Presentation topics lasted 7 minutes and 3 minutes were questions from the observers and spectators. Observers are strictly viewed each presentation and questioned the independence of the work. They are interested in the topic Prrinisha Kanabaty (Prrinisha Kanabathy) and awarded her for the best performance in the section of medical technology.

International Student Congress of Biomedical Sciences - an excellent platform for the student with the ambition to succeed and get the experience of medical and general knowledge. In addition, the ISCOMS students receive a huge amount of international relations. Being a doctor - is not only learning, but any work that improves the environment and has a positive effect on society.

Prrinisha Kanabaty (Prrinisha Kanabathy): «This experience has been made possible thanks to our Director of the Center for International Education in the first MGMU them. THEM. Sechenov, Professor Oleg Glazacheva. Oleg Stanislavovich always supported my scientific research and spend personal time to help get a grant for research projects that allow me to represent them in the international arena. "


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