Open registration for the course "Clinical trials of medicinal products by the rules of Good Clinical Practice (GCP)»
The Central Federal District - First Moscow State Medical University named after
Wednesday, 21 September 2016 07:41


Department of Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy IPO First MGMU them. Sechenov is recruiting students for training program "Clinical trials of medicinal products by the rules of Good Clinical Practice (GCP)».
The target audience:
- Doctors of medical specialties
- Experts in the field of clinical trials
Dates of the training program - with 11.10.2016g. on 10.24.2016, the
The duration of courses - 72 hours (2 weeks).
The cost for the citizens of Russia - 17000 rubles.
Upon completion of training is issued a certificate of the established sample.

training curricula:
 Principles of Good Clinical Practice (GCP).
 ethical and national-cultural issues in clinical trials.
 The types and phases of clinical trials. The pilot and the support of research.
 biostatistical aspects of the planning of clinical trials.
 Pharmacoeconomic efficacy studies.
 Sponsor. The functions and responsibilities.
 Monitoring the conduct of clinical trials on the rules of GCP: monitoring, audit, inspection.
 The Investigator's Brochure.
 Clinical Trial Protocol and Protocol Amendment.
 Individual Registration Card (CRF).
 File Explorer.
 Adverse events. Serious adverse events. Reports
adverse drug effects.
 Processing. Statistical analysis.
 Legal basis for conducting clinical trials in Russia.

For any questions contact the supervisor Associate Professor Program
Vartanova Olga A.
Phone: 8- (499) -248-75-44, 8- (499) -248-77- 06
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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