International Summit on predictive, preventive and personalized medicine in the First MGMU
The Central Federal District - First Moscow State Medical University named after
Wednesday, 21 September 2016 07:43

26-28 September 2016 at the site and under the auspices of the First MGMU them. Sechenov held International Summit "predictive, preventive and personalized medicine (PPPM) - the basis of the new health care system." The main theme of the Summit agenda and rhetoric of meetings - strengthening the role of predictive, preventive and personalized medicine, have been developed in the creation of the project of 5-100 at the First MGMU them. Sechenov International School of personalized medicine, supported by the International Council at the Ministry of Education.

The purpose of the event - a discussion of existing technology platforms and methodological tools used in clinical practice, as well as the ideology of the near future health care model with the creation of a common information field for the formation of strategic alliances and vectors of national and international development towards the stepwise implementation PPPM arsenal in the structure of national health care.

To participate in the prestigious international meeting attended by representatives of various foreign academic schools and companies oriented to discuss the latest trends in this field. Summit program will be presented in the form of plenary and breakout sessions, targeted lectures, seminars and round tables.

"Creation of international targeted projects in the field of medicine and bring together leading experts and academic institutions, public and commercial nature is very important for the acquisition of modern medicine predictive status of preventive and personalized: not focused on the fight against certain diseases, and individualized treatment of each individual patient, and not correcting and preventing disease, "- said Peter Glybochko, Rector First MGMU them. Sechenov.

Predictive, preventive and personalized medicine is a rapidly developing area, which is based on a wide range of the most modern platforms of genomic and post-genomic technologies category Hi-Tech. In fact, PPPM - is the provision of comprehensive care, carried out in accordance with the individual characteristics of the individual patient (or person at risk and, as a rule, before the start of the clinical picture of the disease). This is a fast developing area takes into account not only the classic signs of the disease (age, gender, etc.), But as a rule, in the first place, the molecular and cellular characteristics are born or already born forms of pathology.

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