We need young staff: the rector answered the questions of future doctors
The Central Federal District - First Moscow State Medical University named after
Wednesday, 21 September 2016 07:44

September 15, 2016, in the congress hall of the Research Center held its annual meeting scheduled university rector Peter Glybochko with senior students, interns, residents and graduate students. Participants of the meeting became vice-rectors, deans of faculties, teachers.

Opening the meeting, Peter Glybochko told about what changes are taking place at the university in connection with the entry into the project 5-100, Academic Council of the action directions until 2020, the modernization of the university structure. The purpose - not just to become the flagship of medical education in Russia, but to become one of the best universities in the world.

"So much is changing - it affects your learning process", - said the rector, and expressed readiness to hear "ideas, questions Initiative" and support in difficult situations.

Responding to questions, the rector spoke about the systemic changes, which come into force in 2017, in particular that the internship will not. Instead, after the obligatory initial accreditation, can be operated by general practitioners or primary outpatient care delivery to the target residency through regional health departments - has everything you need to realize himself in life.

Peter Glybochko spoke about student exchange programs with China, Serbia, Bulgaria. Also, according to the results of the International Expert Council of the exchange program will be prepared with the Medical University of Vienna (Austria). Rector said that in our university will target residency for clinicians: "We need young staff, teachers, doctors. As part of the "5-100" project until 2020, we will conduct training abroad for those teachers who are fluent in English. I invite you young people - come to work in the University. "

Then Rector responded to questions relating to the law "On the basis of public health protection in the Russian Federation", the state order for training of medical specialists, necessary for the country and the region, building a career, a young doctor, scientist, health organizer. Positively, he answered the question of graduate students about the possibility of one re-take the exam to receive a diploma with honors. "This is not practiced, but in exceptional cases can consider, we will create a commission. According to the law we have the right to do, "- said Peter Glybochko.

Answering a question on unpaid increased scholarships, which came from the budget on 19 July and the students, which it was intended, were dismissed in connection with the termination of training this year July 7, the Rector explained that PGASA will be paid to the other students and the decision of the Academic Council has been taken.

Some of the questions asked concerned the dormitory residents, young scientists and their families. Rector reminded that already this year will be completed in Ochakovo hostel on 1200 seats, which provides for the provision of housing to graduate students and young teachers of the University. In each case the decision will be taken Academic Council.

On questions concerning the work of the selection committee residency this year, Peter Glybochko promised to set up a working group to consider the controversial issues concerning the correct answers in the tests for therapy.

"Not everything is smooth and fine, but we are changing. A difficult period - the old school tradition and the new direction of development, the transition to a new quality, transformation in Sechenovskiy University, we are changing, implement programs to promote entry into the world's leading universities, "- said Peter Glybochko. He assured future doctors, they always and with good reason to be proud of their alma mater.


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