International workshop in the Balkan countries
The Central Federal District - Moscow State Academy of Veterinary Medicine
Thursday, 22 September 2016 09:26

"Higher veterinary education in the Balkan countries."

Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey
Moscow - Bucharest - Pleven - Sofia - Skopje - Thessaloniki (Aegean Sea) -Kavala - Tekirdag (Marmara Sea) - Istanbul - Burgas (Black Sea) - Varna - Brasov - Moscow

(14days / 13 nights)

During the following topics will be covered round:
Strategy of development of interstate cooperation in the field of higher agricultural, veterinary and medical education between Russia and the Balkan countries.

The system of training of veterinary specialists in the universities of Romania, Bulgaria, Greece.
The organization of educational process in veterinary medicine, training of employees and the management body of experts in the field of animal husbandry and veterinary medicine.
The development of inter-university cooperation within the framework of educational interactions, research projects and cultural ties.
WTO requirements to the quality of agricultural production, the organization of production, veterinary inspection, veterinary and sanitary examination of animal feed, veterinary education. Environmental and Biological Safety.
The structure of the veterinary services in South-Eastern Europe, new technologies in the implementation of veterinary activity.

Day 1 - 24.09. Departure from Moscow by bus. Travel on the territory of Russia, Belarus (1050 km.) On the way - themed lectures, educational games. Passage of the Belarusian-Ukrainian border. Night transfer across Ukraine (600 km.).

Day 2 - 25.09. The passage of the Ukrainian-Romanian border. Moving on Romanian territory (460 km.), Educational lectures. Arrival in Bucharest. Hotel accommodation. Overnight at hotel.

Day 3 - 26.09. Breakfast. University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine. Training meetings. City tour: Prince's Palace, the Patriarchal Cathedral, Palace of Parliament, Strada Lipskan, Athenaeum, etc.).. Overnight at hotel.

Day 4 - 27.09. Breakfast. Crossing the Romanian-Bulgarian border. Moving to Plevna (220 km). Tour of the complex panorama, and the mausoleum of the Russian soldiers who liberated the city from the Osman Pasha. Arrival in Sofia (180 km.). Walking through the city - the area Batenberg, Monument to the Tsar Liberator Alexander II of, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, the park and the monument of the Soviet Army, etc. Overnight at hotel..

Day 5 - 28.09. Breakfast. Training meetings on veterinary medical faculty of Forest-Technical University. Moving in Skopje, Macedonia (230 km.), Crossing the border at the hotel Night.

Day 6 - 29.09. Breakfast. Tour of Skopje and surroundings: Kale Fortress, the Roman aqueduct VI century, the Church of the Saviour, the ruins, the stingy, Lake Ohrid. Moving to Greece (240 km.), Crossing the border. Accommodation at the hotel on the shores of the Aegean Sea. Leisure at sea. Overnight at hotel.

Day 7 - 30.09. Breakfast. Aristotle University. Training meetings. Thessaloniki - City Tour: Byzantine city walls, the Basilica of St. Demetrios, Arc de Triomphe, Tomb Gallery, Church of the Holy Apostles, XIV century, Church of the Acheiropoietos - the oldest Early Christian basilica, the White Tower - the symbol of the city.. Leisure at sea until the evening. Night transfer to Turkey (500 km.)

Day 8 - 01.10. Crossing the Greek-Turkish border. Arrival. In the middle of the day - accommodation in a hotel on the shores of the Sea of ​​Marmara. Leisure at sea. Overnight at hotel.

Day 9 - 02.10. Breakfast. Excursion in Istanbul (150 km.): St. Sophia Cathedral, the Basilica Cistern, St. Irene Church, Galata Tower, the Golden Horn and the Mosque of Suleyman, etc. In the evening - a walk on a boat on the Bosphorus. *. Overnight at hotel.

Day 10 - 03.10. Breakfast. Moving to Bulgaria, crossing the Turkish-Bulgarian border. Stara Zagora. Institute of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Trokiyskogo. Training meetings. Arrival in Burgas (. 350 km), sightseeing:. Pyrgos castle, Cathedral Cyril and Methodius, etc. Hotel accommodation. Marine Park and top music festival. on the Black Sea tour. Overnight at hotel.

Day 11 - 04.10. Breakfast. Moving to Varna (130 km.). Roman Baths, Cathedral of the Assumption, "Stone Forest", the cape of Kaliakra, Seaside Park. Leisure at sea. Overnight at hotel.

Day 12 - 05.10. Breakfast. on the Black Sea tour. Moving to Romania (370 km.). Overnight at the hotel in Romania.

Day 13 - 06.10. Breakfast. Tour Brasov, Dracula's Castle (80 km.). Departure to Moscow. The intersection of the Romanian-Ukrainian border.

Day 14 - 07.10. Travel on the territory of Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. Late in the evening - arrival to Moscow.

Note: - the sequence and order of inspection of the cities of excursions,
training meetings are subject to change;

* - For those wishing to be paid additionally by each tourist separately.

The total cost of the seminar: 965 Euro including additional costs:
Visa - 75 Euros (for all)
Insurance - 14 euros

Required documents: application form, 2 color photos on a white background 3,5 × 4,5, a photocopy of the passport of the Russian Federation (completed pages), passport + photocopy of the completed pages, photocopies of completed pages of previous passports; certificate from the parent employment indicating the positions, the start of work on the Present and salary of not less than 15 000. or a sponsorship letter and a copy of the first page of the passport of the Russian Federation sponsor; certificate from the place of study, a copy of your student card, completed application form. Children under 18 years: a photocopy of a birth certificate (notarized) and notarized authorization from both parents + photocopies of the passports of both parents (1 st page).

Sign up for a trip you need to July 1, 2011. The full package of documents and payment of the program will be accepted until August 30, 2011 Contact person - Geraskina Alina Romanova, UPF, document, 89035450508, 84953779167
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