International scientific and educational conference devoted to the 90th anniversary of service dermatovenereological RD
Southern Federal District - Dagestan State Medical Academy
Monday, 24 October 2016 08:04

21.10.2016g. in Biological DGMU body building hosted the International scientific and educational conference devoted to the 90th anniversary of service dermatovenereological RD "Interdisciplinary aspects of dermatology and Venereology."

Event organizers: Scientific and educational medical cluster SKFO; FGBOU IN "Dagestan State Medical University" of Ministry of Health of Russia; Ministry of Health RD, GBU RD "Republican Skin and Venereal Diseases Dispensary"; Department of Skin and Venereal Diseases DGMU.

Conference was opened by Head of Department of Skin and Venereal Diseases, Associate Professor Marat Gadzhimuradov Nurmagomedovich. He gave the floor to the Deputy Minister Salman Dzhabrailovich Akhmedov, who welcomed all the participants on behalf of the Minister of Health RD Ibragimov TI .. "Dear participants of the conference, let me welcome you on behalf of the Minister, I wish you successful work. Today we have gathered on the significant event dedicated to the 90th anniversary of service dermatovenereological RD. It brought together distinguished men of the profession. On behalf of the Ministry of Health unit would like to thank the service of dermatology and chief physician GBU RD RKVD Hayrulaevu MA for successful work in this direction. It made a lot of the service in different stages. There is still more. Dermatovenereological service is an integral part of the overall health system. In order to provide qualified medical and preventive care for patients with venereal and skin diseases in the Republic of Dagestan has specialized dermatovenereological service provided in particular: GU "Republican Skin and Venereal Diseases Dispensary".

Dermatovenereological service of the republic enjoys the standards approved by the Ministry of Health by the order №392 from 31.12.1997 RD, at the federal as well as the standards of rendering assistance dermatovenereological approved Minzdravomsotsrazvitiya Russia ", - he said in his speech, SD Ahmedov. He wished all participants fruitful work.

Next to the conference participants were addressed by Vice-Rector for clinical work, Professor M. Khamidov, who delivered a welcome address on behalf of the rector Professor DGMU Mammayev SN .: "Dear Murad Abubakarovich! I congratulate you and in your face dermatovenereological service of Dagestan on the remarkable date - the 90th anniversary. Dermatovenereological Republic Service gave an excellent organizer of scientific and practical areas of healthcare. First of all - it Alibayov Serazhutdin Yusupovich. With great energy and responsibility he took on the task of leading institution in the face of serious difficulties faced by the whole country after the war.

... Practical health is closely related to teaching and research activities of the university.

Employees practical health aligned his work with teaching at the Department of Skin and Venereal Diseases. They show themselves qualified doctors and professional teachers. Age of your life - a very nice round figure, and she says that the scientific and practical symbiosis has developed and has been tested for durability on the waves of life. Today's anniversary - the date of remarkable: You have achieved a lot, and much remains to be done.

On the day of Jubilee, I wish you continued success and dedicated work in the service of prosperity dermatovenereological. "

Welcomed the participants of the conference came and Buchaeva ZK - Chief Freelance dermatovenerolog MOH RD, deputy of National Assembly RD. "Dear colleagues, is pleased to welcome all of you in this room, all I want to wish health, peace and a good future for all of us. I am sure that today's conference will be the beginning of a long and large progressive way the department and dermatovenereological service. I hope that my participation - professional and human, including - will always be for the benefit of our common service of dermatology ", - he said in his speech Buchaeva ZK

Next to take the floor the head physician GBOU RD RKVD Hayrulaevu MA, who addressed the audience with good wishes: "Dear presidium, colleagues, very happy to see all in good health, congratulations on the anniversary of experts. Like any area, any area of ​​medicine in our dermatology too have their story. Specialized dermatovenereological assistance in Dagestan before the revolution was almost absent; along with other diseases in the population have been widely distributed syphilis, leprosy and Porsche. The number of patients has increased every year. In one district only Kyurinskom in 1891 it recorded 173 syphilis patients. the number of patients has grown every year.

5 September 1897 concerned the district chiefs appealed to the governor. The medical service was so weak that there was no aid to the population did not turn out; the disease could spread so that the fight against it will become impossible. "

Next Hayrulaev MA dermavenerologii spoke about the formation of life in the country. "In parallel with the growing number of syphilis patients with fungal diseases. In 1924, the first Kozhva office created in Makhachkala. The initiator of its creation was Dr. Mallorquin. We have created an office on the basis of malarial station. There were years of fruitful work. In 1926, in Makhachkala organized urban clinic with separate male and female admission, he was also the hospital. In 1927, the dispensary has been allocated 15 beds, which are located at the Republican Clinical Hospital. In parallel, work was carried out not only in Makhachkala; It was created in the same period Kozhva offices in Buynaksk, Derbent and Khasavyurt. In the following years, and in other cities of the republic ", - he said in his speech, the chief dermatologist Dagestan.

Umahanov AK, has long led the Republican Skin and Venereal Diseases Hospital, also welcomed the guests and participants of the conference. He said in his speech: "On the day when we celebrate the 90th anniversary of the dermatovenereological service congratulate everyone who was at the forefront of development of this service and did a lot for the development of this service. Frolova TA, Minkowski EM, Aliverdieva NN AA Avanesov, Rasul Kurbanovich Haji Mahaevich - it was a very experienced doctors, who made a great contribution to the development of services and training specialists really strong. "

Then he spoke about the changes that have occurred over the last 20 years in dermatology.

The plenary session continued with the report "Continuing medical education of physicians in the Russian Federation", which presented the Head of Department of Skin and Venereal Diseases DGMU, associate professor Gadzhimuradov MN He introduced the changes in the Federal Law №323-FZ of 21.11.2011 "On the basis of public health protection in the Russian Federation."

"Experts who have passed the" last "certification until 1 January 2016, after the expiry of the certificate will be received even once admitted to the profession through professional certification. This professional certificates issued by medical and pharmaceutical workers before January 1, 2021, in force until the expiration of the period specified in them ", - said Marat Nurmagomedovich. He also spoke about the accreditation as a fundamentally new system and its stages.

The attention of those present was presented to a number of interesting reports of the leading specialists of the city: Umahanova ZR - Head of the Department of Neurology FPC DGMU "Neurosyphilis - state of the problem"; Dzhamaludinov YA - Head of the department of RCH rinologicheskim "Rhinophyma - our experience of treatment"; Ramazanov AM - The head physician of Urology Center: "The structure of the urethra - etiopathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment"; Omarova SM - Head of the Department of Microbiology DGMU "PCR diagnosis of sexually transmitted infections at the present stage - the pros and cons"; Aliskandiev A.M.- Head of the Department of Pediatrics DGMU "epidemic pemphigus newborns - diagnosis, treatment and prevention of complications"; Aliyev TA - Doctor-dermatologist, "Plazmolifting in dermatology"; Dzhalilova DN .:

"Skin Neoplasms - cosmetic correction"; Shamov SM - Assistant of the department of orthopedic dentistry "Orthodontics - cosmetology or medicine."

After the presentations, students asked the speakers questions. The conference was fruitful, the participants noted the usefulness of the unconditional and practical significance of the event.


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