Dagestan State Medical University expands international cooperation
Southern Federal District - Dagestan State Medical Academy
Monday, 24 October 2016 08:05

Dagestan State Medical University is expanding international cooperation. The University agreed to cooperate with the two medical schools of Azerbaijan - Azerbaijan State Institute of Postgraduate Medical and Azerbaijan Medical University. To this end, Azerbaijan from 16 to 18 October, the representative delegation visited DGMU headed by rector of the university, Professor Suleiman Nurattinovichem Mammayev.

The delegation on behalf FGBOU IN "DGMU" MoH included: DGMU Rector, Professor SN Mammaev .; Chief of Defense DGMU Abakarov MM .; Deputy Chief of Defense Hadzhalieva YSD .; coordinator of academic mobility MO DGMU Alimetov AG .; Assistant of the Department of Internal Medicine Ramazanov Sh


The trip of our delegation was fruitful and eventful. It was possible to get acquainted with an impressive knowledge of the potential introduction in the educational process and practice of new learning technologies, diagnostics, prevention and treatment.

"Preparatory work for these contracts International Department conducted a long time ago. Leaders of Azerbaijani universities DGMU invited a delegation to visit them in order to establish scientific and educational programs, the development of exchange, academic mobility "- shared with us the head of the international department DGMU Abakarov Magomedhan Magomedovich.

The program of stay was very intense. On the same day, the delegation visited DGMU Azerbaijan State Institute of Advanced Medical im.A.Alieva, which is headed by Professor Gasimov Nazim Akifovich.

At the meeting, Professor Mammaev talked about our university, the possible ways of cooperation. "Dagestan State Medical University pays great attention to the development of international cooperation, capacity of academic mobility of students and teachers. Recently, our students had practice in Vitebsk Medical University. We also plan to send our teachers for training in other universities, including foreign ones. All this will help us improve the quality of training, to which we aspire, "- said the rector DGMU.

Suleiman Mammaev also noted that in the learning process of the university actively introduces high-tech equipment, modern fitness equipment, and multimedia systems, the use of which allows to achieve high results. It was noted that the preparation of highly qualified medical professionals, the development of medical science, the priorities in the development of international cooperation are among the main aspects DGMU activities.

The guests were shown the institute museum dedicated Aziz Aliyev. For its part, the rector of St. DGMU Mammaev presented a photo album dedicated to the discovery of Aziz Aliyev monument in Makhachkala, and gifts.

During the meeting, an agreement was signed on cooperation between FGBOU IN "DGMU" Health Ministry and the Azerbaijan State Institute of Advanced Medical im.A.Alieva.

The main forms of such cooperation are: joint research on topical issues in the field of clinical and preventive medicine, public health organizations; conferences and seminars to exchange experience in the field of organization of educational process, as well as on the results of collaborative research, coordination of implementation issues in the educational process and practice of the health of new learning technologies, diagnostics, prevention and treatment.

The next day DGMU delegation visited Azerbaijan Medical University. NN Narimanov, headed by Prof. Geraybeyli Giray Chingiz oglu. During the meeting issues of developing and strengthening mutual cooperation, taking into account the importance of medical science for the development of Health of the Republic of Dagestan of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Azerbaijan. This cooperation will be mutually beneficial for both parties.

Within the framework of the cooperation agreement the parties plan to exchange experiences in the field of scientific and research activities, joint research on topical issues in the field of Clinical and Preventive Medicine, organizing health care and medical equipment, training and professional development of physicians and biomedical engineers, preparation of highly qualified scientific personnel etc.


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