Development of international cooperation KrasGMU them. prof. VF Voyno-Yasenetsky with scientists from Belarus
The Siberian Federal District - Krasnoyarsk State Medical University
Thursday, 27 October 2016 12:34

20-22 October 2016 KrasGMU them. prof. VF Voyno-Yasenetsky visited the Vice-Rector of Polesie State University (Belarus), Professor Nicholas H. Kruchinsky - a specialist in the field of medical genetics, sports medicine, rehabilitation.

Prof NG Kruchinsky met with leading research university centers, performing international projects (Research Institute of Molecular Medicine and patobiohimii, Russian-Italian Laboratory of Medical Genetics, Russian-Japanese Center of Microbiology, metagenomics and Infectious Diseases, Russian-French Laboratory of Integrative Anthropology, Institute of Health Culture and Sports Medicine, center Nikon light microscope, laboratory of molecular Oncology, Department of pathological physiology im. prof. Vladimir Ivanov, laboratory of biomolecular and medical technology, Central Research laboratory), and also visited the Department of Centre of simulation technologies, professorial clinic, Department of nervous diseases with the course of medical rehabilitation .

During the visit, Nicholas H. Kruchinsky delivered a lecture for students of the 5th year of the medical faculty, "Actual problems of sports medicine", which aroused great interest of the audience. There was a meeting of Professor NG Kruchinsky with the leadership of the university, where they discussed prospects of cooperation in the field of higher and postgraduate education, including the development of academic exchange programs and joint research projects in the field of medical rehabilitation of athletes, sports medicine and medical genetics.

The visit took place in accordance with a preliminary agreement on cooperation reached in May 2016 between the leadership and guidance of KrasGMU Polessky State University (Belarus). Coordinators of bilateral cooperation are Associate Professor EA Pozhilenkova (Head. Shared by the Centre and the Institute of Molecular Medicine patobiohimii KrasGMU them. Prof. VF Vojno-Yasenetsky) and Associate Professor AA Chernova (the head of the Russian-Italian Laboratory of Medical Genetics KrasGMU them. Prof. VF Vojno-Yasenetsky).


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