Research practice of Japanese students in KrasGMU them. prof. VF Voyno-Yasenetsky: work and celebration
The Siberian Federal District - Krasnoyarsk State Medical University
Thursday, 27 October 2016 12:36

Students of the Faculty of Medicine Niigata University (Japan) continue to pass 7-week research practice based KrasGMU them. prof. VF Vojno-Yasenetsky within an international network of educational program G-MedEx.

Student Momoko Hattori held practice at the Department of Pathological Anatomy them. prof. PG Podzolkova led by Professor AK Kirichenko and assistant MV Chupin. Momoko is implementing the project "Morphological characteristics of periodontal tissue at different stages of chronic inflammation", mastering techniques cytology, histology, immunohistochemistry, morphometry, microscopy.

Student Masaki Yahata held practice at the Department of Anatomy and Histology under Prof. NN Medvedeva and associate professor EL Zhukova. Masaki is implementing the project "Histological evaluation of the impact of nanodiamonds in the experimental animals", which uses the methods of work with laboratory animals, manufacturing and coloring of histological samples of the complete cycle, morphometry, microscopy.

As a result of the implementation of projects and Masaki Hattori Momoko Yahata will present their results in a commission consisting of specialists in the field of morphology, cytology, cell biology, anatomy and pathological anatomy.

Today, 24 October, Momoko Hattori celebrates its birthday. International Service KrasGMU them. prof. VF Voyno-Yasenetsky Momoko congratulates on this holiday and wished her good health and great success!

For reference: KrasGMU them. prof. VF Voyno-Yasenetsky involved in the implementation, within which the exchange of students and post-graduate programs, as well as training in a joint post-graduate program of the Russian-Japanese G-MedEx 2014.


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