Conference "Modern trends in the development of pedagogical technologies in medical education (from the series" University pedagogy ")
The Siberian Federal District - Krasnoyarsk State Medical University
Thursday, 27 October 2016 12:37

in the federal state budgetary educational institution of higher education "Krasnoyarsk State Medical University named after Professor VF Voyno-Yasenetsky "of the Russian Federation Ministry of Health

will host a conference, which has no analogues in the Urals in scope, breadth of geographical coverage and practical issues of medical education. Action plan to visit more than 500 representatives of the faculty of Russian medical universities and foreign countries, the Methodists, and solution providers in the field of medical education services. The main objective of the conference is to improve the pedagogical skills of the faculty of medical schools in the context of innovation development of public health. We catch up with or ahead?

Exchange new ideas and successful practices,

active dialogue on key issues in the framework of the following sections:

Development and improvement of the quality management system of educational organization in accordance with modern requirements
Mobilizing untapped reserves and creativity of teachers

"New pedagogical technologies in medical education»
The evolution of social relations between teacher and student.
Effectiveness and relevance of teaching methods and learning technologies.
Teacher - Translator knowledge or a moderator?
Modern technology assessment of the quality of formed competencies.
Development of integrative connections of general and specialized disciplines as means of formation of professional competence of experts.

"Supplementary professional education"
The design of the transition to a model of continuous medical education.
Competitive space for additional vocational training.
Educational and professional standards: the continuity and implementation.

Improving the practical training of future specialists.
Simulation technology in the accreditation of medical professionals.
Ways to improve the efficiency of a simulation study.

"Information technologies in medical education»
Information technology in education. Are the students to the universities or higher education to students?
Prospects for the development of remote sensing technology in medical education.

"CREATING A common cultural competence at training of specialists"
Pedagogical mechanisms of formation of common cultural competence.

"Current status, problems and perspectives of medical education"
Preparation for the accreditation of primary professional nursing and pharmacy education.
The practice of teaching and methodological support of educational programs.
The role of non-profit organizations in the promotion and consolidation of the scientific and educational potential of vocational medical and pharmaceutical organizations.
Experience of international cooperation with medical educational institutions of foreign countries.
Creating conditions for successful socialization and effective self-realization of students with disabilities.


For participation in the conference, please contact:

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tel: + 7 (391) 228-36-72

Myagkova Elena G. - Head of the Educational Department.

Karepova Tatiana - head. educational-methodical department.

Tyulpanov Olga - head. College methodical department.
tel .: + 7 (391) 227-14-33 (for the treatment of STR section)


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