Formula Future Contest - 2012.
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All-Russian competition of pedagogical skills for use in the educational process of the ESM The formula of the future - 2012
The crucial role in the formation of modern information culture of the future belongs to a top-level teachers, as it is in the school formed the basic skills in ICT.


Competition pedagogical skills on the use of electronic educational resources (hereinafter - ESM) in education to promote the active motivation of teachers to use information technology in the educational process aimed at the formation of the rapid exchange of experience, information, methodological developments, identifying the best samples teacher creativity in the development of this issue, the availability of such development for teachers, educators and teachers, implementing primary and secondary education programs, including those for students with disabilities.
The aim of the competition
The motivation of teachers to make active use of information technology and e-learning resources (RAR) as an integral component of the modern educational process.
The tasks of the contest:
to identify and disseminate the best examples of teaching creativity in the development and application of the ESM,
software availability of materials for participants and winners for teachers of pre-school, primary general, basic general, secondary (full) general education,
the development of the rapid exchange of experience, information, methodological developments, building effective feedback the organizers of the educational process with the developers of the ESM;
The dissemination of successful experience of teaching staff.

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