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Dagestan State Medical Academy celebrated its 80th anniversary. This is the age of maturity and wisdom, reflection on the way and further progress. How much hassle experience was among those who stood at the origins of our wonderful institution! But they survived, survived and made ??the opening of the Dagestan Medical Institute. Here are some names of some of them: Muslim Yusupovich Nahibashev Omar Aliyevich Bayrashevsky Hadji Omarovich Bulac, George P. Rudnev, Yakov Sawicki, Peter Aristarkhovich Mavrodiadi Anatoly Viktorovich Russia and others.

In 1932, the Council of People's Commissars adopted a historic resolution DASSR on education Dagestan State Medical Institute in order to prepare the medical staff for Dagestan and the North Caucasus republics. Particular attention was paid to the medical training of indigenous nationalities of the republic.

Initially, Dagestan State Medical Institute has a limited theoretical and clinical base and had one medical faculty. On the first course taken annually about 150 people. Department, mainly led by PhD.

During the long years of its activity, our university has experienced hardships the formative period, epidemic distress, hunger and devastation brought about the Great Patriotic War, the difficult years of post-war reconstruction, the difficult period of perestroika not only survived, but all this time he worked with extraordinary dedication, to strengthen its position and increase the glory of the university. The fate of our Academy at various times tried by people who are dedicated to their duty, devoted their lives to the service of medicine. They were characterized by good citizenship, passion, artistic creation, but most importantly they are of extraordinary kindness, sincerity, honesty.

Growth in the institute has fallen to 70-80 years. Were built morphological housing, educational laboratory complex, a number of outbuildings. Significantly expanded the Republican Clinical Hospital, entered service dental and pediatric institutions. All this led to the discovery dental and pediatric departments. Changed qualitatively and faculty of the institute. Virtually all of the department headed by doctors and professors mostly graduates of our institute.

Institute, and now Academy, took and continues to take part in the research industry problems, headaches planned scientific institutions of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation.

In Dagestan State Medical Institute's unique history, glorious and good traditions, many years of experience in training and education specialists. This gives him the right to be proud of their successes and achievements in the various fields of medicine.

In the history of the medical school are inscribed the names of teachers and scholars, whose creative, scientific and pedagogical authority contributed to the emergence and development of the university, its transformation into a major research and treatment center of the North Caucasus. He rightly takes its place among the best medical schools of the Russian Federation.

A lot of staff and graduates of the institute became prominent figures of Medicine and held prominent positions in the Soviet health care: Academician OV Baroyan - chief epidemiologist of the Soviet Union; Corresponding Member. Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR AF Serenko - Deputy Minister of Health of the USSR; GP Rudnev - Academician-Secretary of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences.

Graduates of the Dagestan State Medical Academy, working in various medical institutions of the republic, Russia and foreign countries, led by the major medical and research centers. Among them are: DG Saidbek - d. Sciences, Professor of the Medical Faculty, University of Rome «La Sapienza», K. Abdulkadyrov - d. Sciences, Professor, Director of the Russian Research Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion (St. -Petersburg), OM Mahachev - d. Sciences, Professor, Head. Laboratory of Scientific Center of Cardiovascular Surgery named. AN Bakulieva, VY Hanaliev - d. Sciences, professor, deputy. director of the medical work of SI "National Medical Surgical Center. NI Pirogov MoH SR RF "PA Klimenko - d. Sciences, professor, chief medical examiner of the Russian Federation in obstetrics and gynecology, ZS Alekberova - d. Sciences, Professor , Head. Department of the Institute of Medical Sciences rheumatism, G. Sh Davudov - d. sciences, professor, deputy. Director of the State Institution "Scientific-Clinical Center of Otolaryngology MoH SR RF" MD Dibirov - d. Sciences, Professor, Head. Department of Surgery, GOU VPO "MSMSU MoH SR RF" Honored Worker of Science.

Enjoy a good reputation in medical schools: a surgical school correspondent member. Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR, Professor RP Askerhanova, School of Dentistry Professor M. Maksudova therapeutic school Professor X. E. Hajiyev and USSR State Prize winner Professor IA Shamova school obstetricians member - correspondent. RAMS, Professor S., M. A. Omarova.

Support and development of art, sport, the implementation of the young talents traditionally the focus of administration. DMI is a major center of physical culture and sports in the country. Among its graduates are five times world champion A. Aliyev, the world champion and two-time Olympic medalist M. Aratsilov and more than 40 masters of sports of the USSR and the Russian Federation.

In 1995, according to the results-rated medical schools of Russia Dagestan State Medical Institute was renamed the Academy.

Much attention is paid to expanding the scope of the Academy of educational services to meet the needs of practical public health of the republic. Thus, in recent years opened 3 new faculty: preventive medical, pharmaceutical and Faculty of Higher Nursing Education, which intensively medical science and research scientists are not only practical, but also of fundamental importance to obtain international recognition. Academy scientists work closely with leading research centers in Russia and abroad.

Academy staff for the last 5 years published 101 monographs and more than 60 books and textbooks stamped UMO Health Minister, 3 - with the stamp of FIRO and about 260 teaching aids with the stamp of the Central Committee MS DSEA.

When medakademii successfully operates a system of protection of intellectual property (RID), an electronic database of RID. The high value of scientific research carried out in the Dagestan Medical Academy, is the fact that every year, scientists are getting more than 80 patents and about the same utility model certificates that have been successfully implemented in practical public health of the Republic of Dagestan, a Russian advance on the medical market. More than 60 scientific developments Academy staff annually exhibited at various exhibitions. Since 2001 fruitfully Internet class, through which researchers, teachers and students can conduct scientific research.

Currently, research in the academy conducted on 9 complex problems. In recent years, increased the number of defended dissertations and improved their quality. During the work of the Specialized Council reserved 166 theses, including 32 doctoral and 134 master's. Every year at the academy are protected by an average of 4 doctoral and 15 master's theses.

Over the past 80 years, Dagestan State Medical Academy has become a real medical school iskusstva.Eyu released more than 27,000 physicians who are working in all parts of our country, to hold public office. The names of many of them are known far beyond the borders of the republic. Graduates of the DSEA honestly perform their medical debt, their knowledge and their ability to give the health of people, constantly improve their skills, keep gratitude to their teachers.

In DSEA highly skilled teaching staff, characterized by high professionalism and dedication. It supports and develops the traditions established by the teachers - veterans of the university. At the academy, working 736 teachers. Among them, 121 - doctor of sciences, professors, 429 - PhD, associate professors, 4 - Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation, 41 - Honored Scientist RD, 24 Honorary Doctor of Russia, 116 - deserved doctors RD 6 - folk doctors RD, 5 - honored Worker of Higher school of Russia, 15 - honored inventors and innovators RD.

Academy scientists regularly participate in many annual international conferences, congresses, symposia, congresses (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi, Chicago, Geneva, Basel, Stockholm, Vienna, Cyprus, etc..).

For share of teachers with advanced degrees (74.7%) Academy is located at the central medical schools in Russia.

Currently, the university enrolled 5,200 students in 6 specialties, among them more than 170 foreign nationals from 12 countries. More than 1,700 doctors annually improve their skills at the Faculty of Advanced Medical.

During his progressive development academy has become a multifunctional institution. In the structure of the academy 70 departments, each of which cherishes the names of those who have written glorious pages in the history of the academy. They are not built themselves pyramids made ??of copper and have not installed the obelisks of bronze. Their legacy in the works, books, and textbooks. The memory of them will remain in perpetuity.

Reflecting on the changes taking place, the staff of the Medical Academy understands that stands on the threshold of a new era in which he will face new realities, new challenges, and that its primary obligation to the future - to leave behind a generation of educated professionals, strong scientific schools seeking to creativity and cognition. And so today, the Academy team sees its mission not only in the training of highly qualified personnel, but also the active participation in the reform of the public health system, the introduction of innovative technologies in the educational, medical and scientific processes.

The rector of the university prepared "A strategic plan for the development of the Dagestan State Medical Academy for 2010-2015. "Including the priorities for improving the quality of the educational process, innovative development, expansion and intensification of scientific research, improve clinical care, systems development: postgraduate education, quality management education and integration into the world educational space, corporate culture, the harmonious education of the student's personality.

At present the team of scientists of the Dagestan State Medical Academy huge intellectual potential, significant experience in research, clinical and innovation.

Currently, Dagestan State Medical Academy - a major educational, scientific, and medical center, the structure of which consists of 8 faculties, large enough for their own base of basic and paraclinical disciplines, a wide network of clinical sites all profiles (40), 70 departments, headed by Doctor of Science , Professor, Institute of Human Ecology of Mountain Territories, consultative and diagnostic clinics, medical college, employment center graduates of the Academy, department of computer and Information, technical Support center, analytical Department, Internet Point, scientific Medical Library, sports Complex, publishing and printing center.

Dagestan State Medical Academy is celebrating its 80th anniversary as a recognized center for innovative education, science and culture of the region, maintaining the best local traditions and enriching them with a new experience of the world of educational and scientific space.

Dagestan State Medical University expands international cooperation
Southern Federal District - Dagestan State Medical Academy
Monday, 24 October 2016 08:05

Dagestan State Medical University is expanding international cooperation. The University agreed to cooperate with the two medical schools of Azerbaijan - Azerbaijan State Institute of Postgraduate Medical and Azerbaijan Medical University. To this end, Azerbaijan from 16 to 18 October, the representative delegation visited DGMU headed by rector of the university, Professor Suleiman Nurattinovichem Mammayev.

The delegation on behalf FGBOU IN "DGMU" MoH included: DGMU Rector, Professor SN Mammaev .; Chief of Defense DGMU Abakarov MM .; Deputy Chief of Defense Hadzhalieva YSD .; coordinator of academic mobility MO DGMU Alimetov AG .; Assistant of the Department of Internal Medicine Ramazanov Sh

DGMU delegation visited the Russian Embassy in the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Russian Information and Cultural Center
Southern Federal District - Dagestan State Medical Academy
Monday, 24 October 2016 08:04

This week a delegation of the Dagestan State Medical University headed by the rector, Professor Suleiman Mammayev Nurattinovichem a working visit to the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The delegation on behalf FGBOU IN "DGMU" MoH included: DGMU Rector, Professor SN Mammaev .; Chief of Defense DGMU Abakarov MM .; Deputy Chief of Defense Hadzhalieva YSD .; coordinator of academic mobility MO DGMU Alimetov AG .; Assistant of the Department of Internal Medicine Ramazanov Sh

On the day of our arrival, the delegation visited the Russian Embassy in Azerbaijan. Delegation was received by Minister Counsellor of the Embassy of Murasheva Oleg. The delegation during the trip are constantly accompanied by the permanent representative of Azerbaijan in Baku RD Marat Askanderov Arsenovich.

International scientific and educational conference devoted to the 90th anniversary of service dermatovenereological RD
Southern Federal District - Dagestan State Medical Academy
Monday, 24 October 2016 08:04

21.10.2016g. in Biological DGMU body building hosted the International scientific and educational conference devoted to the 90th anniversary of service dermatovenereological RD "Interdisciplinary aspects of dermatology and Venereology."

Event organizers: Scientific and educational medical cluster SKFO; FGBOU IN "Dagestan State Medical University" of Ministry of Health of Russia; Ministry of Health RD, GBU RD "Republican Skin and Venereal Diseases Dispensary"; Department of Skin and Venereal Diseases DGMU.

Environmental Endocrinology
Southern Federal District - Dagestan State Medical Academy
Monday, 24 October 2016 08:01

Dear colleagues!
On the scientific-practical conference will discuss the issues of epidemiology of obesity, diabetes, iodine deficiency, human ecology, will be considered by modern demographic health problems, risk factors affecting the formation of health prevention strategies in health care.
We sincerely hope to see you at the conference.

1st Congress of the Republic of therapists Dagestan.VII Interregional Scientific and Practical Conference RNMOT
Southern Federal District - Dagestan State Medical Academy
Monday, 01 September 2014 07:58


26.06.2014g. in the conference hall of the biological body DSEA the opening of the 1st Congress of the Republic of Dagestan, therapists and VII Interregional Scientific and Practical Conference of the Russian Scientific Medical Society of Physicians. To participate in the Congress of the republic came RNMO representatives headed by the President of the Company, Anatoly Ivanovich Martynov.

The guests of the Congress, who had come to welcome the participants of the conference were First Deputy Prime Minister Anatoly RD Caribbean, Deputy Chairman of the National Assembly of the Republic Seiful Isakov, Deputy Head of Makhachkala Rafik Bhutan, Minister of Health RD Tank Ibragimov and others. At the event were invited to many practitioners vrachi- therapists with regions and cities of the country.


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