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VGGU (Vladimir State University for the Humanities) - one of the oldest educational institutions in the system of higher education. In this section, we selected articles VGGU stages of development and the development of teacher education in the Vladimir region.

Vladimir State Pedagogical Institute - foundation.
VGGU - История ВГГУ

In 1939, the newly converts teacher training institute. Vladimir normal school converted into a Vladimir State Pedagogical Institute. The Institute is a receiver traditions Institute of Education, VPINO and technical schools. Substantial changes were curricula and educational programs.

Vladimir normal school - the next stage of life VGGU.
VGGU - История ВГГУ

in 1937 made the life of teacher training institutions of the RSFSR major changes. January 7, 1937 Pedagogical School RSFSR were renamed teachers colleges. Renaming was approved by order of the People's Commissariat of 07.01.1937 № 58.
The task of teacher training was to train teachers for 1st - 4th grades.

Vladimir Practical Institute of Education.
VGGU - История ВГГУ

in 1921 in the history of teacher education Vladimir region marked by the transformation of the Vladimir Institute of Education the Vladimir Practical Institute of Education (VPINO). In VPINO enrolled 360 people. Rector of the Institute of Education practice became Bogomolov Albitsky.

Vladimir Institute of Education replaced the seminary.
VGGU - История ВГГУ

In post-revolutionary Russia, the question of training was very serious. It was necessary to raise the country. Qualified specialists are at a premium. For this reason, the state had the task to train qualified professionals in all areas of the economy. For education the question was no less acute.

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The history of teacher education in the Vladimir region begins with the formation of the early 20th-century Women's seminary. This event can be considered as the starting point in the formation VGGU as an organization specializing in the training of teachers.

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