The total number of educational institutions (universities and AFS) in the region 275 This includes: universities all 124 Universities by Type: Institutes: 26 Academies 26 Universities: 64 universities on profiles: pedagogical universities: 5 polytechnic 7 Medical Universities: 3 law schools: 1 < / br> Humanities Universities: 5 engineering universities: 2 economic institutions: 5 AFS total: 151 Pedagogical AFS: 4 POLYTECHNIC AFS: 26 Medical AFS 2 Building AFS: 5

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The history of this college started in 1985, when by decree of the Government of the Soviet Union, it was decided to open a normal school number 14 in Moscow.
This school was in a grove of Mary 3 Streletskoe alley in the 3rd house.
At the time, the head of the educational institution was Denisova Tamara, but two years later the school moved to a new building and is located on Grekov 3rd House, 1 case.
In 1990, the educational structure has received the status of an academic college, in other words college, the decision of the Moscow Committee of Education. Two years later, at Teachers College opened a new structure Kindergarten - early. School .
Shortly College receives regular status - training and education center, which includes teacher training college, primary school and kindergarten. After the reorganization in 2002, the college and elementary school become independent educational institutions.

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This educational institution is relatively young, as in 2000 it celebrated its fifteenth anniversary. Just enough time has passed from the time when it was discovered normal school number 13, which trained primary school teachers and preschool teachers.
Over time, the collective college replenished with new young teachers who have contributed to the growth of scientific and methodological potential. Due to the fact that the college employs 15 candidates and doctors, as well as educators, practitioners, the college has a high academic price.
Staff College for a short time of existence of this educational institution conducted a number of experiments and was author of the program, which is actively used in a number of schools and colleges.
??In the 90's school will receive a higher scientific status and became a college, which opened the way to the discovery of these new disciplines - mathematics and social pedagogy. .

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College № 12 began by August 25, 1984 under the direction of the honored teacher, Excellence in Public Education Temple Margarita Vasileva.
During the 1985-1989 college undergoes extensive tourist promotion, contests teachers worked ensemble of folklore.
In 1986, the college launched a program of training in the field of artistic and technical creativity of children.

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The College operates on a budgetary basis, which allows each student to find and realize their full talent and potential at a time when the socio-economic level is constantly changing. Changes in requirements for graduates poses difficult challenges teachers college, but before you meet these challenges, the staff college creates appropriate conditions. To get the job done well, the teachers use the full scientific and methodical, organizational and creative resources. .

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Maroseyka - Teachers College, referring to the number of the oldest institutions of Moscow. It was established in 1964 and was named the school teachers number 7. After many years, has been transformed into college. This institution provides vocational secondary education level, which is pretty decent. Over a long period of time the collective institution has extensive practical experience, which creates opportunities for training really skilled. During training formed a friendly atmosphere allows you to share experiences of students and teachers. Thanks to the active efforts of the team today the facility deserves a high reputation among the other teacher training colleges. In Moscow, compared with it the quality of education can only be a few.


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