2014: The most important news in the field of study in Russia

2014 is a milestone for the vocational education system in Russia. Currently unable to establish an unified state examination at the appropriate level. Now at the end of high school graduates receive adequate assessment of their knowledge.

Features of the organization of entrance test in 2014
Russia: news in the field of vocational education - Events in 2014
Friday, 11 July 2014 09:42


The results of the exam, like exam papers are crucial to enroll in college.

Upon admission to the university must pass the following tests:

for each specialty (the direction of training) need to pass 3 or 4 entrance exam;

vocational and (or) creative specialty need to pass 3 or 2 entrance exam;

vocational and (or) creative specialty need to pass additional exams that are not included in the exam; specialty on the profile must also pass additional exams.

In all specialties required for admission to the exam results in a profile subject and Russian language.

Documents to be submitted for admission to the university
Russia: news in the field of vocational education - Events in 2014
Friday, 11 July 2014 09:41

Universities have been receiving documents from those who want to do before June 20, and finally stop receiving up to July 25. An exception is made for those who have a basic general education or wish to enroll for distance learning. Reception of documents divided into stages:
July 5 - for those wishing to study for a degree with additional examinations, having a creative and (or) professional direction;
July 15 - for those wishing to enter the profession, suggesting additional competition on the specifics of the profile, or if the university, individually conducted entrance test;
July 25 - for those wishing to enter after passing the exam.

Note: Those who did not participate in the delivery of the exam in May-June, can pass the exam in terms of extended until July 5.

Attention! Applicants and parents!
Russia: news in the field of vocational education - Events in 2014
Friday, 11 July 2014 09:39

Rosobnadzor informs current and future graduate students about the delay in issuing licenses for higher education institutions.
Federal Service for Control of education, while receiving documents from the end of June, warned the graduates and their parents, about the responsible choice. Encourages scrutinize scripts documentation of higher education and its affiliated branches to enable them to engage in the practice of teaching.

Rosobnadzorom decided to stop at the time of issuance of licenses following educational institutions:
1) Scientific Society of Students, Higher Professional Education "Capital Institute of Foreign Languages??"
2) Buryat branch Scientific Society students, Higher Education Prof. Tsentrosoyuz RF "Siberian University of Consumer Cooperatives"
3) Russian Research Institute of Veterinary Poultry Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences;
4) "Institute of Economics and Management in construction and industry."

Forecast passing scores for admission to universities in 2014
Russia: news in the field of vocational education - Events in 2014
Friday, 11 July 2014 09:37

"What is the passing score is needed to enroll in the budget?" - Care about this issue now many students. Unambiguous answer to the question is no data. And even a few years old does not help to calculate the exact value of a passing score. And this is due to the following factors:

changing popularity of different areas of training;

a significant change in the results of the exam in 2014 compared with the CSE 2013.

What predictions can be given highest passing scores for admission to the universities?

If you start from the results of the recently dubbed the exam in 2014, we can expect a decrease in the level of passing scores in high school. This is due primarily to the sharp decline in the number of applicants who passed the exam at 100 points. In 2014 stoballnikov turned 3 times less than in 2013. Secondly, you can expect a decrease in competition for budget places due to a general reduction in the number of graduates who passed the exam. If in 2013 passed the exam more than 860,000 people, in 2014 the number dropped to 733 examinees thousand people (about 1.5 percent).

Passing Score - Tricks admission to the university
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Friday, 11 July 2014 09:36

What to do if you want to learn a particular direction or specialty training, but the results are not up to the exam passing score? For motivated students who know exactly what they want to be, there are three possibilities:

Option One - paid training in this area of training.

Option Two - enroll in another direction with a lower passing score, and then transfer to the desired direction.

Option Three - estimate passing scores on the desired direction in different universities and choose the most suitable institution.

The possibility of tuition
If you want to get a higher education, but education budget coveted profession lacks passing scores, you can begin to learn to charge. In this case it is not necessary that you have to pay for their education all the time. In most universities the system works, on which can be translated with the contract form of training on the budget. However, transfer is possible, subject to availability of budget places. Another condition for the transfer contract on the budget is the high level assessments of learning outcomes on a paid department.

Passing score 2014 college will be 10 - 15 lower than in 2013
Russia: news in the field of vocational education - Events in 2014
Friday, 11 July 2014 09:35

Back in the month of June Sadovnichy, rector of Moscow State University, shared his predictions on the account running the admission campaign in 2014. Rector expects that in 2014 MSU. University expects increased competition. Such conclusions he makes on the results of open days. In total, the admission campaign 2014 MSU available about 4000 budget places.

Very stringent conditions of the USE in 2014 led to significantly reduced the number stoballnikov. MSU Rector believes that if not Rosobrnadzor would reduce the minimum scores on the Russian language, it would be expected that about 20 percent of graduates in 2014 would not have received certificates. Although, in practice admission exams at MSU, even many graduates with 100 points for the exam in Russian language, manage to take statements with six errors. This fact once again speaks in favor of the fact that you can not rely only on the exam at the intake of students in universities.

Admission Campaign 2014 - Colleges have lowered the minimum scores
Russia: news in the field of vocational education - Events in 2014
Friday, 11 July 2014 09:33

S. Kravtsov, Head of the Federal Service for Supervision in Education and Science recently held a press conference. She spoke about Kravtsov initial admission campaign 2014.

Within walking reception control campaigns were identified higher education institutions, which have lowered the minimum score for applicants. According to the rules Rosobrnadzor establishes a minimum level of points with which the applicant may be admitted to the universities of our country. In educational institutions the right to take points established by the supervisory authority, or establish its bar. But the number of points at the same time can not be less than the values ??set Rosobrnadzor.

Hostel fee will not grow
Russia: news in the field of vocational education - Events in 2014
Friday, 11 July 2014 09:30

Today the President of the Russian Federation approved a law that prohibits raise pay for dorm designed for student accommodation. Putin signed a law put on the official website. This portal gives information about the new laws.

The bill was proposed by Viktor Kress - deputy chairman of the Federation Council on Science, Education and Culture. Deputy chairman among other things said that if there are students whose need housing, the hostel can not be used for other purposes, such as a hotel. In addition, he said that the payment for accommodation in hostels should directly depend on the layout of the premises, the quality of housing, the availability of repair and other activities to improve housing. In an educational institution shall be provided regulations that specify the maximum amount which is more than can be no payment.

Competition for budget places in universities in 2014
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Friday, 11 July 2014 09:27

There was a hot time in the opening campaign universities. The third week in foster Commission received statements of applicants. What's interesting this year is expected to contest the lowest common in recent years.

CSE in 2014 were slightly more than 700,000 boys and girls. Cost locations, which will be set to higher education institutions, 502 799. Excluding postgraduate and master's degrees, the locations will remain the same 56 to 100 graduates.

But universities can enroll in only those who scored at least a minimum score in the core subjects. Russian language - 24 points. And 36 points in mathematics. According to experts, failed to reach the minimum threshold of 20% of the students score. They are eliminated from the competition, as well as those who did not receive a certificate at all. They are much easier to enroll in college to their more successful and fortunate peers. But they have a chance to go to colleges and technical schools. There will be happy to 92,766 freshmen.


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